Morton’s dispute between two rivaled footballers is over: Ronaldinho wins

Miguel Camarillo and Rosendo Guzman

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In a survey of 100 East’s students, 63% said that Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira is the best, and Christiano Ronaldo is inferior.

There have always been arguments over who is the best in their respected sports and soccer is no different. The continued rivalry over who is the best soccer player is still disputed even today. Rivalry between Christiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho is one of the most argued today because some say one is the best while others think otherwise. Christiano Ronaldo is currently 32, years old and has been in 104 matches since his debut in Portugal and has scored 97 goals. Christiano Ronaldo is respected worldwide for being a dedicated soccer player and has even gotten the praise of Arnold Schwarzenegger stating ” He has an amazing physique and great abs… that’s why he’s such a great footballer,” the former bodybuilder/actor said. In the other hand Ronaldinho whose 37 years old, but since 2015 hasn’t been in a team although, has been in 127 matches and has scored 113 goals. Ronaldinho has played for the regular and national Brazilian team since he was born in Brazil. Ronaldinho is admired worldwide for his ball handling skills and is said to be the best of his generation. In a survey of 100 Morton students, 63% think that Ronaldinho is the overall best soccer player.  

” Most people fan boy after Christiano Ronaldo, but they don’t know how not terrible he is, I think Ronaldinho is better because he has better ball control and has shown it in his games,” Morton senior Jose Chavez said.  

Chavez isn’t the only Ronaldinho fan.  

” I really like Ronaldinho because I’ve been to many of his games like when Brazil went against Chile and Brazil won 1-0, it was cool seeing him play up close,” Morton junior Mariano Castillo said.  

Not everyone been privileged enough like Castillo to attended live games, but who says TV isn’t a close second.  

” I remember watching Real Madrid Vs. Manchester city with my dad and when Real Madrid won because Christiano Ronaldo scored we went crazy it’s good to see your favorite team win and the best player score the winning goal,” Morton senior Diego Guzman said.  

There’s those who like soccer and those who don’t.  

” Watching soccer is boring because either way most games end 0-0 and its frustrating to watch, I rather play than watch,” Morton Junior Aiden Cruz said.  

Then again there are those who genuinely enjoy soccer. 

” Soccer is my favorite sport, and I enjoy watching and playing it what I hope is the Portugal can make it far this year since they are currently ranked #2,” Morton senior Brian Perez said.  


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