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Should Ivy league schools play football?

Sebastian Organsita, Reporter

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Students at Morton East/West High School believe Ivy league universities should continue playing football despite the high chances of potential brain damage.  

Harvard and Yale’s big football rivalry matchup will be taking place this Saturday, Nov 18,2017. These two prestige universities are among the highest most prestigious schools in education and one of the oldest rivals in college sports dating back to 1875. In a recent article in the Chicago Tribune column, contact reporter Steve Chapman, has published why Ivy league schools such as Harvard and Yale should stop playing football, justifying that, “With every game, Yale and Harvard are knowingly exposing their young charges to the serious risk of permanent incapacitating neurological injuries.” On average, 4,740 concussions occur each year in college football, but that doesn’t really alter the opinions of people on whether or not these schools should stop playing football. 

“Football is risky, it always has been, but you can’t take away football from these students. They know the risk they put themselves into, it’s more than a matter of choice to play. For most of them it’s a passion, I assume, taking away this activity is wrong,”Senior Robert Velazquez said.

Freshman Jose Organista also has a similar outlook to the argument. 

” I get what Chapman is trying to say but it’s not up to him on whether or not they should play, yeah it’s the schools choice whether or not they would stop their football programs but taking away football from these students is just wrong. I wouldn’t want something I love doing taken away from me,” Organista said. 

The support continues as senior Jorge Sandoval also thinks it’s wrong to take away football from these students.  

“Taking away football is like taking away their freedom, it’s their choice to play not anyone else’s,” Sandoval said.   

Not everyone shares the same views; junior Aaron Delgado agrees with Chapman. 

“Football is very dangerous, these are super smart kids, football can really mess them up if they hurt their heads,” Delgado said.

Senior Adrian Martinez also agrees strongly with Chapman. 

“Football is a sport for dimwits, no offence, prestigious students who attend these top universities shouldn’t be putting their bodies on the line,” Martinez said. 



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  1. Luis Cano on February 6th, 2018 11:57 am

    Good article about the dangers of football.

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Should Ivy league schools play football?