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Bears have a hard time beating the Packers

Davante Adams Knocked Out On Brutal Hit By Danny Trevathan | Bears vs. Packers | NFL

Davante Adams Knocked Out On Brutal Hit By Danny Trevathan | Bears vs. Packers | NFL

Davante Adams Knocked Out On Brutal Hit By Danny Trevathan | Bears vs. Packers | NFL

Isabel Arista and Isabel De Avila

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At Morton East, there are more students who are Chicago Bears fan than there are Green bay Packers fans. 

In a survey of 110 students only 80 said that they are Bears fans. In a recent game against the Packers, the Bears lost 16 to 23. With playing 9 games Packers are headed with 5 games and the Bears have only won 3. The Bears and Packers have always had a rivalry, and the Bears somehow always come out losing.

“The last time the have won a game against the Packers was in 2007. Last Sunday’s game should have been won. They should have been more prepared for that game and it was a disappointment for the fans themselves. (I feel) coaching should be coaching immediately,” physical education teacher Jeff Van Ewynk said.

Van Ewynk is not the only one who feels disappointed that the Bears  have been losing.

“I hate it (that the Bears are losing). The first game I ever went to was a Bears versus Packers game, and the Bears ended up losing. I also feel  like the coaching should change and they should start spending more money,” P.E teacher Barry Castrogiovanni said.

Not all  people at Morton East feel the same toward the Bears; some cheer for Packers.

“I love it ( that the Bears are losing), i go for the Packers because i was born and raised in wiscon. Maybe the last time i was at Bears vs Packers games was like 2008 or sooner,” assistant principal Randy Borgardt said.

Borgardt isn’t the only one who is happy or surprised  that the Bears are losing

“I am not surprised that they (Packers) won against the Bears, they have been winning for a while now,” senior  Sebastian Organista said.

Although many people aren’t bears fans there are a couple that are like Sebastian.

“I guess, I am not really surprised that they have lost because it hasn’t been the first time. One thing that i would change would be the team management,” senior Sebastian Munoz said.  


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  1. K Judge on December 20th, 2017 9:27 am

    Maybe now they will hire a new coach! All we can hope for now are a few great drafts. “Wait ’til next year” is now the Bears’ motto.

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Bears have a hard time beating the Packers