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Mustang girls volleyball comes to an end

Raymundo Enriquez Jr. and Sergio Cervantes

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Morton girls volleyball celebrate their senior night with their parents.

courtesy of Willyjayphotos.zenfolio.com
Morton girls volleyball celebrate their senior night with their parents.

The season has come to an end for the mustang 2014 girls’ volleyball team.

The lady mustangs finished with a record of 9 wins and 20 losses. Despite their record head coach Jeanine Yepez was pleased with their play.

“I would give this season a grade of a C. We underachieved in many games that I think we should have won; that has a lot to do with the immaturity of the younger girls. However we did end the season with a bit of a bang taking the number 4 seeded team to three games at regionals,” Coach Yepez said

The girls were also happy with some aspects of the team and season.

“We hustled a lot on the court,” four year varsity setter senior Melissa Favela said.

“We cheered each other on when we played; I remember Lupe saying motivating things all season,” 1st year varsity outside hitter junior Jackie Lopez del Torro said.

This season did have its faults as well.

“Our weaknesses were that we didn’t communicate well on the court, and we couldn’t pull through in close games,” 1st year varsity outside hitter Ashley Caccamo said.

“We could’ve passed and communicated better this year,” 2nd year varsity rightside hitter Guadalupe Heredia said.

The girls faced their share of obstacles but could almost all agree Oak Park River Forest was their hardest opponent.

“OPRF had this really tall middle blocker. She was huge,” Favela said.

“OPRF’s middle was like an Olympic player,” Lopez del Torro.

The girls do wish they could erase those losses; however, they did make memories this year.

“I remember our Libero Gianna shanking the ball in practice and me running and saving it with my foot; it was awesome,” Lopez del Torro said.

“I remember our outside Maria missing her serve and the ball hitting me in the face; it knocked my contact right out; it was so funny,” 1st year varsity sophomore Stephanie Cardenas said.

The Mustangs will be saying goodbye to eight seniors this year.

“I’m really going to miss the seniors so much; I really got close to some of them; they made this year really memorable for me and knowing they won’t be here for next season makes me realize how time flies,” 1st year varsity setter/rightside hitter sophomore Claudia Rodriguez said.

“The seniors pushed me to be a better player” Caccamo said.

“Our setters Lissete and Melissa know how to set me well the sophomores need to work a bit so I will miss our seniors,” Lopez del Torro said.

Of course the seniors will miss things too.

“I’ll miss the sophomores and juniors,” Heredia said.

“I’ll miss the crowd pumping us up. Morton truly has the best spirit,” Favela said.

A survey of 100 Morton students showed that only 30% of student attended a game this year; hopefully more student to attend games next year.

“I’ll miss the coaches,” 2nd year varsity setter senior Lissete Escobar said.

The future is on the mind of the girls and coach now.

“Next season should be a step up from this year and the one after that should be even better due to the experience these sophomores are getting now,” Coach Yepez said.

“Morton college volleyball is in my future. I am excited to see volleyball from a new perspective,” Favela said.

“My goal for next year is to improve my setting and to be more confident,” Rodriguez said.

“We got to communicate more next year,” Lopez del Torro said.

In order for next season’s goals to be achieved work has to be done in the off season.

“I will be doing Buddha in the off season,” Lopez del Torro said

Buddha is a club volleyball team. That many of the girls say has helped them and will help others.

“In the off season I will be doing Buddha; I think it really helps because the only way to improve your skills is to continue practicing and practicing. I saw major improvement from my freshmen year before Buddha and now after one year of it,” Rodriguez said.

“I will be doing softball and Buddha in the off season.” Caccamo said.

Keeping up with the sport year round is important to the coach as well.

“The hardest part about coaching is not always having the talent to compete with teams in the conference; instead of being able to coach against teams, using different strategies, I am worried about reminding girls on basic skills most freshmen are done learning. The top ten teams are playing volleyball year round, not playing other sports. Most of the girls here at Morton are multisport athletes,” coach Yepez said.

The varsity volleyball team also has some advice for younger players and girls debating to try out.

“Anybody trying to be on the varsity level should know that you are expected to play as a member of a team not as an individual,” Lopez del Torro said.

“Stick to the sport; stay committed,” Favela said.

“Never give up on yourself or your team,” Escobar said.

The head coach also had wise words.

“I consider many different aspects when choosing girls for the program. Skills, positions and attitude are at the top of the list. I also look greatly at in-school discipline,” Yepez said.

We say farewell to the seniors of this year’s girl’s volleyball team and wish the underclassmen luck for the years to come.




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3 Responses to “Mustang girls volleyball comes to an end”

  1. mario arias on November 21st, 2014 1:58 pm

    I like this story it has lots of quotes and lets you feel what the girls felt about their volleyball season. Its also very informative and keeps you interested. Could use more quotes from coach Yepes but other than that I like the story, very good job through out.

  2. Marissa Santiago on November 24th, 2014 1:22 pm

    I think that the girls volleyball team is a very talented group of people. I loved going to see them play. Your article was well written and gave many views. You guys gave very good quoted too. There were VERY minor grammar errors, but other than that, it was a very good and informative article.

  3. Omar Serna on November 25th, 2014 8:53 am

    Congrats to the lady mustangs our seniors. There record may not have been good but they poured there hearts into what they did and as long as sweat , blood and hope was poured out there. They will remember this year even after high school

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Mustang girls volleyball comes to an end