Friends wear face masks when together

Jesse Rodriguez, Reporter

Most people still wear face masks in front of their friends.

During the pandemic, there have been a lot of unfortunate events: over 1 million deaths and 2 million Covid-19 cases in the U.S alone, and anti-mask protests. Anti-mask protests have been a thing during the Covid-19 pandemic; there was a video on the internet roaming around, showing a group of protesters walking around a Target store telling other shoppers to take off their masks to be free. But, masks play an important role during the pandemic; they help stop the spread. Some people argue that the virus doesn’t exist or that it might not do anything to them. That may be true, but you risk spreading Covid-19 to those at higher risk of dying — namely grandparents and those with other medical problems. “But, still there’s limited data on whether face masks are actually effective,” says Benn, a global-health researcher at the University of South Denmark in Copenhagen.

Senior Jesse Rodriguez’s little sister wears here face mask.

“I don’t wear a face mask in front of family or friends. I trust them enough to tell me that they are not feeling well or if they have the virus,” junior Giselle Rodriguez said.

You don’t know where your friends have been or if they have been taking precautions to prevent the spread like having sanitizer and wearing a mask everywhere.

“I do not wear a mask in front of my family because I live with them, but if I’m with my friends, I always try to have my mask on,” junior at TF South Aylin Flores said.

At most jobs, you must wear your mask at all times; when it’s time to eat your boss may tell you to work from your office or to eat in the car.

“In front of family, I don’t wear a mask unless I know they have been exposed to the virus. But at work I be having it on all the time; even when I’m talking to my friends or eating I try to stay a couple of feet away,” Gerardo Rodriguez said.