Opinion: AC wanted, needed

Braulio Vargas, reporter

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Come summer, students of Morton East are always arguing that the school should install more air conditioning in the building. I recently surveyed 100 students; 90 of the said that the school needs air conditioning.  (This wasn’t a surprise!)

“The perfect time to install in more air conditioning is during the summer to save more time,” senior Juan Delgado said.

“It would be nice for more air conditioning to be installed,” junior Julio Medina said.

Facts have shown that schools that don’t have air conditioning affect children’s academics performance due to higher temperatures in classrooms and cause symptoms.

I would have to agree that the school should either install or fund more air conditioning because it could cause positive effects — students focusing on their work and paying attention in class.  If more air conditioning was installed in the school mostly every student, teacher, and staff members can feel the enjoyment of fresh and cold air.

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