Sexual harassment, even at the top?

Diana Gallegos, Brenda Rodriguez, and Sabrina Mercado

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Sexual harassment has been such a controversial topic, especially because recently political leaders like our President has often been accused of sexual harassment. Donald Trump has been accused by 15 different women and nothing was done about it, in fact he even got elected to be president even after all those allegations.  

Like in the case of Miss Carolina 2006, Samantha Halvey accused Trump of inspecting beauty pageant contestants, and Jessica Leeds, who accused the President of grabbing her chest and attempting to move his hands up her skirt on a flight. 

In a random classroom survey of 25 kids at Morton East Highschool 24 out of 27 students said they would agree on President Trump being impeached because of the sexual harassment allegations against him. 

Besides the emotional impact that people who sexually harass others have on society, students view this situation also in legal terms. 

“I believe that President Trump should be impeached because sexual harassment is illegal and someone who has done something illegal shouldn’t be president abusing their power,” senior Daniezka Aleman said.  

In some cases according to students communication with each other is key into resolving these problems.  

“It’s really disgusting because that’s not treating people equally. People should communicate with their government more and talk to each other about situations like these,” Senior Isaema Escalera said. 

Students at Morton believe the president is giving out a bad image of this country with his bad choices. 

“People get arrested for sexual harassment and as the president of the USA he shouldn’t portray that type of role. He gives himself a bad image and I don’t think we should have a man make decisions for the USA if he’s making bad choices by sexually harassing others, he should be held responsible for it. Just because he’s the president doesn’t make him any better, he’s the same as all,” senior Esmeralda De Santiago said. 

Some think the president is not owning up to his choices. 

“He should be arrested and face the consequences, think of all the people’s lives he could’ve traumatized, everyone else that has done that always faces the consequences and him being the president should own up to it instead of acting like a coward,” junior Alexis Delgado said. 

Others think justice should be made for all who has been harassed. 

“President Trump should be impeached because I feel like many women that have experienced that want justice to be made against their attacker,” senior Natalia Zambrano said.  

Sadly, harassment happens to a lot of people in their daily lives either at work, school and in their homes. However, many celebrities and people from the community have come out and publicly accused the people that have harassed them. At the Golden Globes Red Carpet event in Beverly Hills, California is where many celebrities in a show of solidarity for the mission of anti-sexual harassment group Time’s Up. 

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