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Students speak up about physical discipline

Vanessa Munoz and Alejandro Muentes

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When does disciple become abusive? About half of students surveyed report their parents discipline them physically.

Parents want their kids to be respectful and be on good behavior. Disciple can be reasonable punishment. But, physical disciple isn’t always the answer; for example, time out can be a punishment or privileges ca be taken away. There should be a clear reason why you are being consequenced or punished; it shouldn’t come out the blue. Have a reason to discipline. Studies say if you show your child respect even when disciplining your child, your child is more likely to respect you, other family members, and other people in his or her life. If you “lose it” or overreact with disrespect, apologize. Behave the way you want your child to behave. Corporal punishment, such as spanking isn’t recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics or mental health associations.  When you physically discipline your child, it can easily become abuse. It is consider abused when the “spanking” leaves blood or a red mark on the body.

Some students may agree with physical discipline, but others disagree. They believe there are better ways to handle things.

“My parents say I was discipline, but it felt like abuse. I would have red mark that would hurt. I honestly think the so called “discipline” is the reason why I am the way I am now — a rebel with an attitude,” an anonymous female senior said.

Students say they would be more than just a spank as discipline.

“I would get an ass-whooping for talking back to my parents,” senior Jackie Rodriguez said.

Other students got lucky and didn’t get physically disciplined.

“I got a serious conversation for getting in trouble with the law, I was surprised that’s all I got,” Josafat Martinez said.

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Students speak up about physical discipline