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Morton students NOT neutral about net neutrality

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Morton Senior seen surfing the web on his phone in the hallway.

 In a survey of 30 Morton students 96% think that net neutrality should be passed. Based on our survey wlearned that many students didn’t even know what it meant, but with a bit explaining, students realized that they might be needing to pay extra for their social media 

Net neutrality is a way for all internet providers to let the people access applications without the blocking of any websites and to have free reign of the internet. Now that the FCC has repealed the net neutrality act, we should expect to see an increase in charge for the use of social media. What does this mean for schools? Schools are no exception to the net neutrality act because school will have to pay the same charges as regular consumer, but some don’t look at this as a bad thing because internet providers can increase internet speeds on social media applications so people can enjoy the use of social media as they please. In a survey of 30 Morton students 96% think that net neutrality should be passed.   

” The Net Neutrality Act should remain how it is because now-a-days everyone uses the internet.  The fact that service providers may have the chance to charge us for certain sites would ruin how stuff get done.  The everyday student always uses the internet, whether it is for studying or having to get work done,” Morton junior Jose Munoz said. 

Jose Munoz isn’t the only one who believes Net Neutrality should remain how it is. 

” Honestly, having to pay to use social media is dumb.  Think about it, the people that get paid for working on these sites would start making less money if people don’t want to pay.  For example, youtubers would start to make less money if you think about it.  When charging to use YouTube monthly, some people just might not be able to afford it.  This means less views for Youtubers meaning less money,” Morton sophomore Alan Sotelo said. 

Even though many people are against the repeal, there are still some people who believe this could be a good thing. 

” This could be a good way to take off these young kids and teens from all of these bad websites.  Their internet provider can just charge more or block what they believe isn’t right and be able to keep the internet from bad searches. Makes people think twice from what they think is necessary and what isn’t,” Morton senior Angel Zamudio said. 

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One Response to “Morton students NOT neutral about net neutrality”

  1. Israel Estrada on May 7th, 2018 11:57 am

    I believe that net neutrality is just another stupid way for the government to get more money and waste it on whatever they please. Instead of making more missiles and bombs, the government should start helping the people in need and start repairing broken roads and streets, they should also either repair abandon buildings are tear them down to make a new one.

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Morton students NOT neutral about net neutrality