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Are sleepovers a problem with parents?

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About half of Morton East students sleep over at friends, but not if it’s the opposite sex.

According to Chicago Tribune parent Janixa De Jesus said “I wouldn’t trust someone else with the most valuable thing I have in my life”. At age 10, children challenge themselves by determining

 how to manage themselves in new environments. A friends home is such an environment, according to Seattle Times staff. As parents they need to teach their children to trust people, trust humanity. Its not good to teach kids to always look at everybody with a suspicious eye. Sleepovers are fun to the kids and it is not right to take away happiness, according to Challies.

In a random survey of 44 Morton East students, only 27 students are allowed to sleepover; of those, only 8 students are allowed to sleepover the opposite genders house.

“Nothing good comes from a sleepover just stay home, its not about trust its just stupid. sleepovers are appropriate when they are small definitely not when you are past 12,” English teacher Ms. Cunningham said.

While some parents might think sleepovers are pointless other parents allow it but are constantly checking up on their kids.

“Yes parents are unfair when it comes to gender they let boys do whatever they want and girls have to stay at home. If I am allowed to sleepover my parents are strict and my mom wants to know the parents and what we are going to do all time, she wants to call me to check up,” senior Christina Mandujana said.

Students may find it annoying but with restrictions adults are more likely to allow their kids to sleepovers

“Under a certain age different gender sleepovers are okay, even though i am not very pro sleepovers. In order for me to allow my kid to sleepover they have to be family or I have to know someone since forever,” English teacher Mr. Robinson said.

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Are sleepovers a problem with parents?