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Michelle Obama for 2020 President?

Vickey Gutierrez and Breanna Tapia

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In the Morton East, the majority of students said that they would vote for Michelle Obama as President.  

Is the rumor true? Would Michelle Obama be a good president?

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 53% voted for the former first lady Michelle Obama to be a candidate for the 2020 Presidential election. During this year we have witnessed many racial discrimination’s towards civilians of the country, manly towards hispanics, blacks and muslims. For example, there has been talk about wanting to build a wall on the border of Mexico and making that country pay for it. There has also been an ending to the DACA program, a program that protects undocumented Immigrants brought to the U.S as children. “Rasmussen Reports Rumors,”a popular blog site, says that Joe Biden and Michelle Obama might be running as 2020 Presidential Candidate.

“I personally wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump because so far, he has done many horrible things that will affect the country,” senior Genisis Torres said.   

Hopefully, the next President will help both Democrats and Republicans  

“Since my parents are democrats, I think I would vote for the democratic party because they lean more towards helping the lower class,” senior Yailin Castillo said. 

Surprisingly to Yailin, the Next probable Presidential Candidate is in the Democratic Party. 

“Michelle Obama has actually done so many things to help children here in the United States, and in other Countries but most importantly Africa; And to be honest I think that Mrs. Obama would do more amazing things if she was president,” sophomore Jesus Macedo said.  

Both Michelle and Joe Had Witnessed Great things that might inspire them to do good. 

“Ex Vice President Joe Biden has witnessed the many things that Barack Obama has done as President, and hopefully him running as presidential Candidate for the year 2020 will prove that he also has a caring mind and heart for the Citizens and non-citizens in this Country,” senior Bryan Chavez said. 

Some of us really don’t care who is elected as long as its beneficial to the majority. 

“Honestly would just vote for anyone who would do anything for the good of the country,” sophomore Pablo Gutierrez said.  

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Michelle Obama for 2020 President?