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Family arguments often happen on holidays

Erika Quezada and Natalia Zambrano

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Arguments within families are common. When the holidays come, people tend to be under pressure because of all the cooking and preparation going on.

In a survey of 100 Morton East students, 60 percent said that they have at least one family member that starts arguing during family gatherings on the holidays while 40 percent said no. A Los Angeles psychologist has found that about three-quarters of us have at least one family member that annoys us. Some families often argue or make a commotion- an uproar, noisy activity, or loud disturbance of one kind or another because one member of the family might have made a crude comment/remorse or in most cases point out (a flaw about someone) for everyone to see, not only does that cause embarrassment upon a person but it makes them feel slight anger towards that family member.

A student from Morton East High School gets together with her family and they argue during the holidays.

“I have family gatherings with both my mom and dad’s family and my family argues a lot during the gatherings mostly about little things due to stress or anything that they don’t like or agree on and it upsets me because it’s my favorite time of year I just want love and positivity,” Morton East junior Cecilia Torres said.

Another student also has a family that argues during the gatherings.

“We split the day the first half of the day we go to my dad’s and second half we go to my mom’s but yeah my family argues during the gatherings,” Morton East senior Jorge Guzman said.

There’s even some students that don’t like when their families argue during the holidays.

“I hate it when my family argues, it’s annoying and I have 4 siblings,” Morton East senior Cynthia Heredia said.

Another student also doesn’t like when families argue during the gatherings.

“I get together with my mom’s family and they argue about things that doesn’t go their way and it breaks my heart because it’s the only time we’re really together and like we’re supposed to be enjoying as a family,” Morton East senior Erick Munoz said.

But one student doesn’t have a family that argues during the holidays.

“My family hardly doesn’t argue because I only get together with my mom, dad and my half-brother and we don’t really argue about anything we just want to have a good time together because it’s that time of year where we can be happy and enjoy being together,” Morton East senior Erika Quezada said.

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2 Responses to “Family arguments often happen on holidays”

  1. adviser on December 26th, 2017 6:51 am

    I find your story very interesting. We tend to argue at my house, too, but it is usually over politics.

    One criticism: all of your quotes are run ons. You need periods to split up the different ideas…without them, the quotes ramble. And, college demands that you get these things right.

    But, again, nice news.

  2. Xavier Ramirez on May 7th, 2018 12:15 pm

    Personaly I believe that arguments are not a bad thing when gatherings happen many opinions and personalities come out and mix you cant expect them to all agree and naturally coexist with each other there are going to be sparks flying if its about sports or poltics usally thing get out of hand when things get personal but every on is intitled to their privacy and no one will know the whole story until its told but arguments will happen we just got to know where to set the limits.

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Family arguments often happen on holidays