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Attractive equals harassment?

Lillibeth Renteria, Reporter

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In this day of sexual harassment do you have to present yourself unattractively to avoid sexual advances?

A recent column in the Chicago Tribune by Heidi Stevens addresses sexual harassment and the male-centered idea that it is caused by “women wanting to be attractive in the workplace.” After reading the article, Stevens comes up with many good points that women/men should be able to dress the way they want, as long as they feel attractive and confident and they shouldn’t be judged if something were to happen to them, let’s hope not.  Sexual harassment is the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks, which mostly happens to women. But it also happens to men, 17.7 million American women are sexually harassed and 2.78 million American men are harassed. The MeToo movement is an organization that helps women who have been through sexual violence and need help with healing. The movement not only heals but empowers women to stand up to violence/harassment. After asking so people, both genders, what sexual harassment is and what they think of it, it was an eye opener.

“Sexual harassment is any unwelcome and unsolicited disrespect from anyone, any way that makes someone feel uncomfortable,” Mrs. Janin Huerta said.

Senior Wendy Aguirre says that sexual harassment should be a more open subject that should be discussed.

“The subject should be more openly talked about, people don’t take it seriously. There should be classes where it teaches people how to deal with it.”

I asked junior Jonathan Rivera if it’s a person’s fault and if they provoke the incident, especially the way they dress because some people believe that it’s for that reason.

“A person should be able to express the way they dress, should feel comfortable, women are being true to themselves.”

Women and men should be able to dress the way they want because it makes them confident. But, exposing oneself can be extreme and not show good taste in certain situations.

“Women shouldn’t be criticized, but women should dress appropriate depending where they go. There’s no need, in my opinion, to show off certain areas if you’re going to work. Leave that for parties or a more private time. You shouldn’t, but that shouldn’t give anyone any excuse to attack. Men too, it’s the older women attacking young men who are naïve of the situation,” parent Maria Bastida said.

No matter the situation, the person causing these harassments should be punished. Causing others harm and causing them to be uncomfortable is just wrong.

“I believe they should serve prison and community service. It also depends on the harassment, if it’s more severe like on the actions, they should. But, if it’s less severe, a less extreme punishment but still have consequences so they know not to continue doing the harassment,” senior Juan Hernandez says.

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  1. bernardo on January 9th, 2018 8:29 pm

    Wow. Interesting.

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Attractive equals harassment?