Illegal chip sales EXPOSED

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At least one student here at East has been fundraising for himself, earning more than $60 a day. But he’s retiring.

In Morton East there is a strict policy that bans anyone from selling to students for themselves. Schools allow fundraising only if its for a club or sport. There are consequences such as LAC, Saturday detention, suspension or even as far as being expelled. Various students have been selling without administration knowing and only a few were caught. One student that is to retire soon and shall remain anonymous, has been doing it for a while. In a survey asking if someone has bought off this person, 80% said yes, they’ve bought off anonymous, and 20% said no.

“I started selling because my mom was in debt and paying the bills so I wanted to make a few bucks and help pay the bills, said the anonymous salesman.

It’s kind that anonymous wanted to help out his family but why doesn’t this person just get a job and not risk getting in trouble.

“It was hard to get a job, especially as a sophomore, I got to start making money somehow,” said the anonymous chip salesman.

Many jobs require a note from your counselor to try and get a job at that young age, and it is harder to find a job that can trust to hire a teen.

“I get it at Sams club, I make a deal with a friend and pay with the link card,” said the anonymous chip salesman.

It might be thought of as impressive how this person has done this every week for the past 3 years. It’s been a long time, but now it’s coming to an end.  I guess it’s good to be getting out while the goings good.


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