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People want Mark Zuckerberg on trial

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People want Mark Zuckerberg on trial

Student opinions on the Mark Zuckerberg trial

Student opinions on the Mark Zuckerberg trial

Student opinions on the Mark Zuckerberg trial

Student opinions on the Mark Zuckerberg trial

Alexis Ramos, Emmanuel Perez, and Nicolas Rico

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Majority of Morton East students use Facebook, but it seems the students are being Cautious on the app now.

Traditionally Mark Zuckerberg wears T-shirts or casual clothes, but in his recent trial he had to go dressed up to court. Facebook has billions of users worldwide as of its launch. Facebook has made Zuckerberg a millionaire ranking 5th in Forbes list of Billionaires.   According to Mark Zuckerberg Fast Facts at CNN.com, on March 16, 2018  Facebook announces that it is suspending a data firm called Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) and its subsidiary Cambridge Analytica, which provided the Donald Trump presidential campaign with digital voter outreach services. In a statement, the social network’s vice president and deputy general counsel says that Cambridge Analytica harvested user data through a third-party app, violating the company’s policies protecting people’s information. The data was gathered by Aleksandr Kogan, a Russian-American psychology professor who built a Facebook app and got about 270,000 volunteers to take a personality quiz. The volunteers consented to share info from their profiles with Kogan for academic purposes. Kogan then turned over the data to Cambridge Analytica. When Facebook learned of the violation in 2015, the company removed the app and asked Cambridge Analytica to certify that it had deleted the harvested data. In a survey of 126 students at Morton East Highschool 77% use Facebook.

Many people think that Mark Zuckerberg should be put on trial for allowing Facebook to be hacked and manipulated while under his supervision.

“Yeah, he is supposed to know what’s going on in the company,” senior Ivan Roman said.

The senators who had the chance to ask Mark Zuckerberg asked him simple questions that could be answered in one word.

“You don’t expect the senators to ask dumb questions; they should do more research on the topic and then ask questions,” an anonymous source said.

The company responsible for the information stealing has not been charged. Many people think the company should also be on trial for taking peoples information without the public knowing.

“The company didn’t break any laws, the government needs to regulate Mark Zuckerberg more,” Anatomy Teacher Jeffrey Dundek said


Many believe that Mr. Zuckerberg is not being honest to having knowledge of this scandal to protect his company,

“He is being honest, its hard knowing the context of it,” English teacher Daniel Tondelli said.

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People want Mark Zuckerberg on trial