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Teachers with guns? What’s the consensus?

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In a survey of 15 teachers at Morton East High School, only 2 of them agreed that the law of teachers carrying guns should be passed.

Here’s what some had to say.

“Teachers who would like to carry a gun should volunteer for it,” math teacher Mark Karadimos said.

“It’s just another gun that can be shot in the wrong direction,”  English teacher Karen Judge said.  “I don’t know how a hand gun is going to fight a high powered gun,” she added.

“What am I supposed to do with a gun on  a daily basis? Where am I supposed to hide it? How do I make sure someone in the class is not going to over power me because they know I  have a gun,” consumer education teacher Natalie Kozlowski said.  “I don’t think guns are a solution to more guns,” she added.

“I don’t think its necessary if we have good security,” science teacher Jeffrey Dundek said.

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Teachers with guns? What’s the consensus?