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Community Preschool: Affordable and Accessible

Yesenia Marquez, Andrea Ruiz, and Citlalli Estrada

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Photo taken as Preschoolers play Duck Duck Goose

The preschool at Morton East is not only affordable but is also loved by many.

Child care programs began in the U.S. in the 19th century during the Great Depression and World War 2. During those times the programs were sponsored by the government which made it easier for parents to have their child taken care of. Now times have changed and about 7.8% of a family’s income is spent in childcare. There are around 20 daycares in our area but finding the best option is hard because many daycares are expensive, many parents choose preschool as an economical option. The preschool in Morton East, which has been open since 1980, is an affordable option because the child care providers are employed by the children’s center.

“Anybody that is part of the community can register for our preschool… the capacity of the daycare is 18, but next year it will be 15 because this year we had too many for our high schoolers to get their necessary assignments done…we have an AM, PM, and an all day, so it just depends on what the parent’s needs are” preschool director Ms. Foley said.

The preschool is open to the entire community, but to the young parents in the school, it can be the most helpful.

“It’s a good thing for young moms that want to keep going to school and also keep an eye on their children during school,” senior Edith Villalobos said.

Even students that don’t have kids in the preschool can gain something from the child development class that can help their life after high school.

“Something that I always like to point out is that our high school students that move on to the second and third levels are able to get a certification that allows them to work at a daycare as soon as they graduate. They also get college credits and a scholarship that covers about 90% of their tuition,” preschool director Ms. Foley said.     

“The fee is ten dollars a week which is not expensive compared to other preschools, and it pays for the supplies and the two snacks they get while they are here,” preschool director Ms. Foley said.

The low fee is not only beneficial to the parents who in this case are young and many still in school, but also to the children because preschool gives them an advantage academically.

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3 Responses to “Community Preschool: Affordable and Accessible”

  1. Daniel Calderon on May 7th, 2018 8:31 am

    It’s an splendid idea whoever came up with this. A preschool inside a bigger school???? Whoa!! I had never seen something like this until I arrived at Morton. Morton really is something else

  2. Destiny Sanchez on May 7th, 2018 8:43 am

    I think it’s good that Morton has a preschool here because it helps out for a lot of the young moms who are still in high school and this allows them to be close to their child at all times. Although it is unfortunate to see that there is only a limited number of kids who can be accepted in to preschool especially since there are a lot of kids, not only from high school, but in the whole community.

  3. Ricardo corona on May 10th, 2018 12:02 pm

    This service being provided from Morton is amazing since this provides low income families (which Cicero has a lot of) a chance to provide their child with affordable and cheap education. Education is important to children and crucial to keeping a society/community intact. For example, Jane Adams was a women who opened a house in Chicago that provided children with education for cheap or free. This act made by Jane Adams drastically improved the low income community of Chicago by helping children with opportunities in education. What Morton is doing is very similar in the act done by Jane Adams in the 1900’s; which is providing children education for bettering the future of the children and the community.

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Community Preschool: Affordable and Accessible