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September 19, 2017: quake devastates Mexico

What happens in Mexico affects many of the students here in Cicero.

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September 19, 2017: quake devastates Mexico

Residents of Santa Rosa Treinta, Morelos, Mexico lined up to get donation bags

Residents of Santa Rosa Treinta, Morelos, Mexico lined up to get donation bags

Courtesy of Victor Martinez

Residents of Santa Rosa Treinta, Morelos, Mexico lined up to get donation bags

Courtesy of Victor Martinez

Courtesy of Victor Martinez

Residents of Santa Rosa Treinta, Morelos, Mexico lined up to get donation bags

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Many students are directly or indirectly connected to the devastation caused by the earthquake in Mexico.

In a random survey of 100 students, 64 knew someone — either family or friend — affected by the earthquake;  36% stated that neither friends nor family were affected by the earthquake that recently occurred.  The 2017 Central Mexico earthquake struck on 19 September 2017 with an estimated magnitude of Mw 7.1 and strong shaking for about 20 seconds. It was epic entered about 55 km south of the city of Puebla. It also affected nearby states like Guerrero, Mexico City, and Morelos. At least 74 people were killed in the state of Morelos, 220 in Mexico City, 45 in Puebla, 13 in the State of Mexico, 6 in the state of Guerrero and one in the state of Oaxaca.

Very few people were extremely fortune to not have any major damages in their homes and were able to help out neighbors and many others that were in need.

“Luckily where my family lives it wasn’t as bad as in Mexico City, but there were some slight cracks on the house and churches, they’re now working on fixing the damaged buildings and helping each other out in whatever they can,” Senior, Ismael Solano said.

The majority of student population have many relatives currently living in the country of Mexico, but luckily very few of them were affected by the earthquake.

Junior, Carlos Torres said his grandmother who I currently living in Mexico City got to experience the earthquake ” Mi abuelita no tuvo balance durante el terremoto y se cayo mientras estaba lavando los trastes. Varias luces de su cuadra se avian caido, y unas pocas coas de la casa tambien,”.

As the earthquake occurred and a lot of buildings collapsed, tensions were rising and so many people were extremely worried because they did not have any communication with friends or family.

” I was scared. I woke up and it was all over the news so my first reaction was being scared because I have a lot of my family over there and just knowing that something bad could’ve happened to them was terrifying. The whole situation was very heartbreaking,” Sophomore, Jackie Marquez said.

A lot of people didn’t have the chance or didn’t donated money but luckily some people actually took the time to help people in México that really got affected or lost their homes.

“I felt sad because poor people don’t have a really amazing government that helps them, but that he donated money to a place called Cruz Roja,” Junior, Jonathan Jimenez said.

More than 79 people lost their lives in the states of Morelos, Puebla and México by the earthquake of magnitude 7.1 on the Richter scale.

“It was just so upsetting and terrifying of how many little kids died in school and how many people tried to run for their life’s,” Senior, Cristina Munoz said.

Unlike the capital city where thousands of volunteers are helping to rescue survivors, there is far less help in Morelos and far more dead.

“It was crazy how many buildings were destroyed after the previous earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico he also mentioned how about 500 volunteers helped them out and how they distributed food items, hygiene kits, and clothes to affected people in Mexico” Sophomore, Juan Ramos said.

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2 Responses to “September 19, 2017: quake devastates Mexico”

  1. Marco A Gonzalez on May 7th, 2018 9:36 am

    Although I didn’t take the survey to find out what percent of students were affected by the earthquake in Mexico, I was part of that percentage. My dads side of the family lives in Oaxaca, Mexico so as soon as we heard the news, we immediately panicked. We contacted them as soon as possible, and thank god they were okay. However, their homes were damaged and they had to spend a lot of time and money to try and fix it..

  2. Berenice Anaya on May 7th, 2018 2:15 pm

    The 7.1 magnitude earthquake destroyed many homes,and roads, also leaving many people dead. I can’t image the pain many people must of felt both emotional and physically.Awful thing happened during and after this awful event, at least the people in the community have come together to help one another, as well many people donated to help with all the damages that were caused.

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September 19, 2017: quake devastates Mexico