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Majority of students feel safe, some voice concerns

America Zamora and Citlalli Estrada

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Even in this violent national climate, the majority of students here feel safe at school.

In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 60% of the students feel safe in school while 40% did not feel safe in school.Over the recent years, school violence has increased within the walls of high schools. Since 2015, we’ve had more than 160 violent school incidents; our most recent school shooting was in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The shooter took 17 lives and left 14 wounded. Since the high school in shooting in Columbine High School, the violence has increased. Many of our Morton students don’t know the procedure of what to do during a school shooting; some of them have concerns over our choice of safety. 

When asked if security does a good job in keeping the school safe, one senior had something to say.

“No, not really, they just care about if we don’t have our ID’s on; it’s really easy to get inside the school, anyone could get inside,” said senior Osiel Nunez.  (What Osiel fails to note is that all the exterior doors are locked; the only way for someone to get inside is if someone breaks the rules and opens the door from the inside — to let someone in.) 

Unlike our fellow classmate; dean of Students Mr. Ramirez thinks otherwise regarding our security.

“Of course. I think they do an excellent job of trying to keep our school and students safe,” dean Ramirez said.

Although he feels pretty safe at school,  junior Gustavo (who withheld his last name) has a small concern.

“I feel like the school should engage more with the students and always be on task about what is going on in the school,” Gustavo said. 

One concern Mr.Ramirez has for the student body is for the students to stay in school.

“The student body should not leave the building and then try to come back; if they are leaving, they should get a home pass,”  Ramirez said.

One thing Mr. Ramirez wants the student body to know is this;

“If you decide to come back; anyone can come inside, anyone can come behind you, and that’s when it becomes a problem,” Ramirez said.

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Majority of students feel safe, some voice concerns