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Guns for safety? Half of student body thinks they’re necessary, half don’t

Crystal Mendez and Brizet Vazquez

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Morton East campus is split on the opinion that gun ownership makes for a safer environment.

A survey conducted at Morton East High School and the Cicero community asked if owning a gun was an important item for home and personal safety.  54 out of 100 individuals said owning a gun is not a necessity.

Recently, a Starbucks in Chicago’s north side remained closed for a while because of a drug deal gone bad which left 2 people injured and one dead.  According to Chicago Tribune two men were seemed to be arguing outside the Starbucks which then lead the argument inside. One of the two men started shooting and injured a 24 year-old, a 12 year-old and killed the 28 year-old the shooter was arguing with.

“Many keep guns for safety and to feel protected from external environment, many have considered moving away because the insecurity for their families and children,” Rigo Bedolla, a Cicero resident said.

Reyes agrees.

“I believe people have guns for two reasons: for safety at home meaning from burglars or any type of home intruders. My family has never considered moving because the amount of shooting isn’t in our area but others move because they feel unsafe,” senior Raul Reyes said.

Arambula thinks differently.

“I believe people shouldn’t have guns, there’s so many other ways you can feel safe. My family moved from Chicago because of the guns and shooting that occurred constantly and as I got bigger my parents couldn’t risk myself getting shot or caught up in nonsense with gangs so we moved to keep me and my sister away from the violence,” senior Carlos Arambula said.


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Guns for safety? Half of student body thinks they’re necessary, half don’t