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Anatomy students visit cadaver lab

Brittany Rivera and Jasmin Uribe

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Most Morton East students haven’t seen a dead body.  That changed on December 7 when Morton East anatomy students went to Rush University Medical Center to visit the cadaver lab.

According to Harvard Business School, an average of  “20,000” people donate their bodies to science every year. The reasoning for the donation of their bodies is to further our knowledge to our bodies. According to Cleveland Clinic, people also donate their bodies because they value medical care they received. Whole body donations are only allowed if no organs are missing. For example, if you donated a kidney while you were alive, you can’t donate your  whole body to science after you die.  Many people ask what is the academic purpose of having cadaver labs, we came to a conclusion that we need cadaver labs to study and understand our bodies. In a random survey of 25 of Morton East students, only 13 people have seen a dead body.

“I personally believe that cadaver labs help so much. With the dead bodies, we are able to learn and understand out bodies,” Senior Abigail Sanchez said.

Cadaver labs are not only helpful for learning the parts of the body. Cadaver labs are  helpful because we can learn more than what we learn in text books, they give us variety in learning. We can learn from young and old people, male and female and many different other types of bodies.

“Yes ( I think it is necessary to study the human body) because knowledge is power!” security Sarai Jaimes said.

Studying the human body is an advantage for physicians. Cadavers can be a medical advantage because physicians or surgeons can study the cadaver and prepare or experiment on them to conduct surgeries or use devices on people who are alive.

“I want to be a psychologist because i want to try to help people out and to understand the person,” sophomore Nayeli Magallon said.

Many students want to be a part of the medical field and even Psychologists can benefit from cadaver labs. Psychology requires studying the brain and nervous system so cadavers are useful for many different studies.



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Anatomy students visit cadaver lab