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New schedule approved

Angie Ceballos, Marilyn Sanchez, and Karen Sanchez

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The new student class schedule for 2018-2019  has been approved by District 201.

Currently, there has been an issue with students starting classes too early. Middle and High School should start  no earlier than 8:30 am according to the American Academy of School Medicine. Research has shown that students that start later get more sleep, do better academically, have fewer car accidents , show greater motivation, less depression, experience fewer physical health difficulties and they are less likely to be tardy as well as more likely to graduate.

“I like it, because you get to sleep longer. I feel like the extra hour of help is good,” sophomore Melanie Carranza said.

Not all students agree with next year’s schedule.  

“I don’t think the new schedule will honestly help it’s a choice, whether we get more hours to study or to learn new things, students get to choose it won’t change whether they ditch or don’t go to school at all it’s pointless,” junior Dafne Garcia said.

While some students view the negative outcome others view the positive side of the new schedule.

“Starting at 8:45 is better because I will be able to sleep more and have more energy throughout the day, I struggle getting to school on time so I hope the new schedule will help next year” sophomore Bryan Sanchez said.

Not only will students have to get use to the new schedule but the teachers as well.

“On half days, students will be dismissed at 11:10 am but there will be an extra hour of help. The teachers, main focus will be to keep students on track, by retaking tests and finishing any missing work. It will be mandatory for the teachers to help the students,” assistant principal Mr. Borgardt said.

Therefore, this new schedule will give students more opportunities to stay on track to graduate.

“District and the teachers union worked collaboratively on this schedule, it will offer support to the students and flexibility to possibly having a 6th class in the future, part of how we are founded is through the state based on our attendance, not only will attendance increase it also correlates to graduation rates  going  up since students will actually be in school learning,” Mr. Borgardt said.

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6 Responses to “New schedule approved”

  1. Chris on December 20th, 2017 11:33 am

    Getting an extra hour or two of sleep is always helpful but many students don’t take advantage of this and tend to use that extra hour for whatever. I agree with waking up at 6 Because it causes students to be more responsible and be able to plan ahead of time a lot better than procrastinating one or two more hours.

  2. Andrea on January 8th, 2018 1:23 pm

    I do believe that many students could benefit from extra sleep. However, it won’t be beneficial if students sleep later because of schedule change or squander that extra hour. I also wonder how this will affect after school activities.

  3. Angel Moreno on January 8th, 2018 1:28 pm

    The new schedule could help many students do better in school overall. To bad i graduate this year.

  4. Lisette on February 6th, 2018 11:09 am

    I graduate this year, so the new schedule doesn’t affect me, but I think if they had done this sooner it would have been a good thing. Students next year will get more sleep which will help them do better in school.

  5. Mercedes Muniz on February 6th, 2018 12:02 pm

    Even if I’m already going to graduate this year I do think that this new schedule will help students with their sleeping schedule and also will give them an hour extra to sleep and have more energy throughout the day. As a senior, I feel like most of us seniors and even juniors work so having a extra hour to sleep would be really good when you go work, especially for those who get out of work late.

  6. Samantha Diaz on February 6th, 2018 12:09 pm

    I think the schedule would help a bit, but in reality, if a student isn’t trying their best at school, both academically or socially, then there’s not much that can be done to help if not without their own self-reliance and free will. Although, for the students who do try, which is most, the new schedule would help them regain some of the sleep they’ve lost and maybe even give them more time to try even harder in terms of academics (retakes etc) and socialization (clubs, sports). Although there are other factors that could potentially make this a good thing, like younger siblings at home or school needing to get picked up, or parent work schedules, I think overall this will be a positively effective new schedule.

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New schedule approved