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20 Questions: Get to know new superintendent Tim Truesdale

J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 Superintendent Tim Truesdale eating bacon. proving that bacon makes everything better!

J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 Superintendent Tim Truesdale eating bacon. proving that bacon makes everything better!

Itzel Muñoz and Lizeth Martìnez

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Pony Express News recently sat down with the new superintendent, Tim Truesdale and interviewed him in order to get to know him and his intentions for making this school better.  

1.Cubs or Sox?  

White Sox 

2.Favorite movie?  

Star Wars series 

3.Where would you travel if money wasn’t an issue?  

An African safari 

4.Favorite musical genre or artist?  

Frank Sinatra  

5.What’s your dream car?  

Ford Mustang  

6.What was the motive for the changes made to the daily school schedule?  

Later start time will be beneficial (for studies), by providing extra help time before school and extra help will now be available everyday (including Fridays). In regards to half day, students will        now have an hour after school to get the help they need, and those who don’t will have extracurricular activities. 

7.Are there any other changes in the works for the school/district?  

Next year, freshman orientation will not be a regular school day. The orientation will be before the first day of school. 

8.What is your mission as the new superintendent?  

I want every student to graduate from Morton and to know what they want to do next. No matter what you choose, you have a high school education that’s prepared you for the world. 

9.What do you plan to change and what do you hope to keep the same for the district?  

Keep mostly everything the same; the progress we’ve made the past 4-5 years is great. Maybe change the facilities, such as better libraries and media centers, as they are not adequate; create a         more productive space. It would be great to cool the building. 

10.What’s your favorite color?  


11.How long have you been working for the district?  

7 years 

12.What was your favorite subject when you were in high school?  

History or ceramics course as a senior 

13.How will you deal with students who will attempt a senior prank this year?  

If kids perform a senior prank that doesn’t hurt anybody, (I feel like it’s important for students to have fun but know boundaries), (But, if pranks go to the extreme extent as last                                     year). mostly the same consequences will remain (not participate in graduation ceremony or senior activities). 

14.What’s your favorite hobby?  

Carpentry and supervise my children with their activities 

15.Will more AP classes be added to the curriculum in the future?  


16.Do you think the uniform policy will be changed to allow all types of outerwear?  

Probably not, it’d be more complicated to enforce. Personally, I have a problem with too much ambiguity in uniform policy. I don’t see it happening. 

17.What are your long term and short-term goals?  

Short-term would be to improve graduation rate.  

Long-term would include increasing the number of students in post-secondary study. Another state championship in sports (however not essential). Increase scholarship offers for students. 

18.What do you think of the school’s current faculty?  

I love them. As a whole, I feel the faculty is willing to embrace challenges and keep getting better. Morton has an energy that other schools don’t.    

19.Will any more after school help groups be added? 

I don’t foresee any significant additions. Currently, we’re more focused on making the current ones better.   

20.What encouraged you to become a superintendent?  

15 years ago, when I was a teacher, the superintendent of where I worked asked me to take on a coordinator position. I was encouraged to become high school principal. The former                             superintendent encouraged me to become superintendent in the future. I had a lot of respect for her.

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  1. Carmorroa on January 8th, 2018 10:00 am

    I really like this article because the questions that you guys asked him were the questions I wanted to know. I really enjoyed you guys article.

  2. Marilyn on January 8th, 2018 1:19 pm

    Very interesting and entertaining article, I enjoyed reading it.

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20 Questions: Get to know new superintendent Tim Truesdale