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Students have been robbed

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Students have been robbed

Senior Jasmin Uribe stages a sneaky backpack robbery for the camera.

Senior Jasmin Uribe stages a sneaky backpack robbery for the camera.

Senior Jasmin Uribe stages a sneaky backpack robbery for the camera.

Senior Jasmin Uribe stages a sneaky backpack robbery for the camera.

Jasmin Uribe, Angeles Camberos, and Vanessa Figueroa

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Did you know that nearly a third of the Morton East have been robbed? In survey of 100 East students, 35% have been robbed, and 65% have not experience a robbery.

In the news it states an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year, and robbery is elevated to first degree when the victim or someone else not involved in the crime is seriously injured. Robbery in general has a profound impact on victims. It can sometimes lead into psychological distress, including fear, anger and depression. Robbery is a crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force.

“I went to the bathroom my sophomore and I left my bag opened and my wallet wasn’t there,” Ana Tellez said.

Sometimes leaving our stuff unattended will cause people curiosity to take the stuff that it’s not theirs.

“Last year I was in the bathroom when I go out I completely forgot that I left my phone in the stall,” Maria Cortez said.

People forget that they took their phone in to the bathroom and forgets it sometime and robbers attend to take them.

“I left unattended my jacket and I went to the bathroom and when I came back it was gone,” Dean Joanne Rzadzki said.

People sometimes sees something really nice so they take the advantage that nobody wasn’t there so they take it.

“They once stole one of my dad’s car parts,” Angeles Camberos said.

While some robberies occur during the day, others occur at night.

“I forgot that I let my cousin borrow my charger and he took it,” Jasmin Uribe said.

Sometime people forget they let somebody borrow their stuff and not ask for it back so when you ask for it back they don’t give it to you

“My family had a surprise birthday party for me and at the end of the night I was looking for my jacket and it was gone,” Graciela Hernandez said.

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  1. Melina on February 6th, 2018 12:03 pm

    Most of the robberies happen in gym time, a lady that doesn’t even go to or school that’s like a parent of a kid came in with the school uniforms, and robbed they said that she was a aunt of a girl in a our school when they where trying to talk to her she just left running. A lot of things got stolen like a girls shoes, a credit card , and a jacket.

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Students have been robbed