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Illinois, and other states consider changing drinking age

Sebastian Munoz, reporter

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In a survey of 110 students at Morton East, about 24% say Illinois should lower the drinking age.  

Recently the state of Wisconsin has tried to lower the required drinking age to the age of 19. Back in March, lawmakers of Illinois were considering to allow 18-year old to drink beer or wine at restaurants but under parental supervision. Illinois is among one of the 29 states that allow underage drinking under the conditions that its under parental consent on private non-selling premises, educational purposes or for religious purposes. The law permits a student 18 year of age or older who “tastes, but does not imbibe, alcoholic liquor for instructional purposes up to, but not exceeding, 6 times per class as a part of a required course in which the student temporarily possesses alcoholic liquor for tasting, not imbibing, purposes only in a class setting on the campus and, thereafter, the alcoholic liquor is possessed and remains under the control of the instructor. 

“Illinois shouldn’t lower it due to the fact that teenagers won’t be responsible enough to moderate their drinking,” junior Jesus Diaz said. 

Classmate Armando Torres thinks that they will develop bad habits. 

“They shouldn’t lower it because there are chance teens can develop a drinking problem at a young age,” Torres said. 

Underclassman Jasmin Mena thinks it will have an effect in the long run. 

“It should remain the same since lowering it will have repercussions later on in a teen’s life,” Mena said. 

But Senior Ruben Lopez thinks otherwise. 

“They should lower the drinking age since 18-year old are able to go and fight in wars but aren’t able to drink beer until they are 21,” Lopez said. 

Junior Rodrigo Rosales thinks it will help teach teens responsibilities. 

“They should lower because it will make teens feel more responsible and it will be a good way for them to learn how to moderate their drinking,” Rosales said.

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2 Responses to “Illinois, and other states consider changing drinking age”

  1. K Judge on December 20th, 2017 9:35 am

    Change the drinking age to 20; nothing happens at 20, no longer a teenager, but nothing changes.

  2. Gloria on February 6th, 2018 11:01 am

    I think the drinking and smoking age should be the same. 20 is a good age for both because by then people are becoming aware of whats going on around them and they are becoming more responsible with their actions.

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Illinois, and other states consider changing drinking age