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Earthquakes doubled in 2017

Brenda Rodriguez, Sabrina Mercado, and Giovanni davolos

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Already in 2017, there have been 117 earthquake, many were not as significant as others but no earthquake goes by unnoticed.  That’s twice as many tremors as in 2016.

150,000 people worldwide experienced earthquakes all throughout in 2016.  With the numbers rising in earthquake what will happen in 2018?
Giovanni Davalos asked Martha Ortiz if she has ever experienced any sort of earthquake in the past.

“Yes, in Mexico where at the time I was around my twenties and living in my pueblo with my mother and father. When I was going to feed the goats corn I felt the whole earth shake and saw that all the animals where screaming, yelling their lungs out. It looked like hell by the end of it. Everything was left in ruins,” Martha Ortiz said

Brenda Rodriguez asked Isabel Reyes and also Joel Rodriguez if they had ever experienced any earthquake in the past.

“I had experienced one in September, 18, 1988. It was like near where I used to live the good things not many people lived there so it didn’t effect allot of people,” Isabel Reyes said.

Brenda Rodriguez asked Joel Rodriguez if he has ever experienced an earthquake in his lifetime.

“I did experience a sort of earthquake, I don’t remember what year was it but I was little. My dad (grandfather) was yelling at all of my siblings to run downstairs to the basement we stood there for a good 3 or 4 hours but thank god it went away when it was getting near to use,” Joel Rodriguez said.

Morton High School had an out of uniform fundraiser to donate to the refugees.  The money  can go to the locations that were hit by the earthquake to help the people in need.

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Earthquakes doubled in 2017