Over 70% of Morton East students have witnessed animal cruelty

Emilio Balderrama, Andrea Crews, and Marco Juarez

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Seventy-two percent of Morton East students have witnessed animal cruelty in their lives.

 According to PETA, an animal is abused every 10 seconds. That means that 3.7 million animals are abused a year, and that’s just in the US alone. So it’s no surprise when in a survey of 100 random Morton East students found that 72 of them have witnessed animal cruelty. Animal cruelty can be defined as deliberate abuse of an animal. Or simply the failure to take care of an animal is considered animal abuse.

 “I saw a family member beat a dog once, and if I saw him do it again, I’d knock his [butt] out,” an anonymous junior said.

 He is not the only one who would become violent if he saw an animal being abused.

 “I would beat that dude’s [butt] and call the police,” senior Angel Soto said.

 Some students were a part of animal cruelty and they didn’t feel good about it. The fact that they killed for food still didn’t change the sentiment.

 “My family and I hung a goat to eat when I was 15 and I felt so terrible. I didn’t know, like, what to do,” senior Angel Soto said.

 Whether it’s a goat or a squirrel, the abuse and murder of helpless animals invokes similar emotions.

 “My cousin made me shoot a squirrel like five times and I felt so bad,” an anonymous sophomore said.

 Some people feel like abusing an animal is as bad as harming a human.

 “It’s so wrong. It’s as bad as abusing a person,” counselor Miss Oneill said.

 Whether it’s a animal or a person, it’s clear that it widely accepted that abusing is wrong.

If you witness any animal cruelty in Cicero you can call 708-606-8400. To help prevent animal cruelty you can donate at www.aspca.org/donate

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