It’s that time of year: Prom season! Is it a waste of money? 

It’s that time of year: Prom season! Is it a waste of money? 

Giselle Uribe and Ayleen Garcia

The majority of students here may not be going to prom because they think it’s a waste of money.

Prom is a semi-formal dance gathering with high school students which was first introduced to schools in the late 1980’s to the early 1900’s. This event takes place typically near the end of senior year. Students get to dress formally and have a prom queen and king which is chosen by votes. Prom usually includes dinner and followed by a school dance. In a random survey of 108 Morton East students, 46 said prom is NOT a waste of money and 62 students said it is a waste of money.  

 I don’t believe that prom is worth attending more than once. Obviously, senior prom is the top of a student’s final year in high school. All the money spent, and effort put into the prom is only worth doing once. There is just too much stress to deal with in your final year of high school,” said junior Martin Gomez.  

 Some people say prom is more important and special for girls since they get to get glam for the boys.  

 “I think girls look forward to for prom, but most guys just don’t care enough about the actual prom experience,” said senior Maria Placencia.  

 Nowadays during prom season, there are multiple after parties going on in different areas.  

 Most students are looking forward to the actual after parties that occur after prom and not the actual prom since they don’t have to follow rules,” said senior Crystal Salgado.  

 DISCLAIMER: This is Morton ONION article is entirely fabricated—false. Be careful of FAKE NEWS! Don’t spread lies.