Common meals enjoyed this holiday


Cinnamon tea with a conchita (bread) on a plate and a gift bag.

Angelica Contreras, Reporter

This holiday, the students of Morton will feast on their favorite meals in celebration of their traditional holidays.

According to, one commonly eaten meal during the holiday season is the turkey where, “over 244 million turkeys are raised in the US, with 22 million of those birds showing up on Christmas tables nation-wide,” based on information made by the FDA. Interestingly, says that pozole is yet another popular meal commonly eaten, this time in Mexico. “Pozole is a type of Mexican soup that is made from pork and/or chicken, then seasoned with chili and garlic. When served, it is popular to garnish it with lettuce or cabbage, avocado, and radishes.  It is a very filling Christmas meal that is made in huge batches, which is why it is one of the most famous party foods in Mexico. Similarly, Morton East also has its share of commonly eaten holiday foods. In a random survey conducted on 7 Morton East students, 5 students ate tamales and 6 ate pozole, although 4 claimed to have eaten both during the holiday season 

“My favorite foods during the holiday is Tamales, and I mean all the flavors like the sweet pink one and the red, green ones it’s just a classic dish,” said senior Damien Miramontes.

On the contrary, another senior, Jessica Moreno, claimed to enjoy pozole.

“My favorite food eat during the holiday season would be pozole since its warm and delicious during winter,” said Jessica Moreno.

Moreover, senior Delia Zavala enjoyed both tamales and pozole as the main course.

 “My favorite holiday foods would have to be the obvious tamales and pozole, but my Tita’s tamales and my Godmother’s pozole. As well as my Mom’s lasagna and banana pudding,” Delia Zavala said.

However, an additional holiday food preference made by Journalism teacher, Kent Frankfother, was brought up alongside the other foods.

“I eat a lot of pizza over the holidays. I LOVE PIZZA. I also try to work out more, so that I can eat even more pizza,” mentioned Kent Frankfother.