career porfile: so you want to be a cosmetologist?

Samantha Contreras, career profile interview cosmetologist

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A Cosmetologist is a person that is trained to provide hair, skin and nail services to clients. An expert in the care of hair and makeup as well as skin care and beauty products. You can also offer services as coloring, extensions, perms and straightening.

Who can do this?              Anyone who has a passion for beauty industry.


What does it take?                  Takes patience learning new things. Someone who is social and kind and has patience.


Where can you get it?           A cosmetology school.


When can you do it?              In 8 months-2 years


Why should you do it?         There is always need of cosmetologist and you make people feel good about themselves.


How much will you make?     26,460 a year.




Two schools in the area offer cosmetology classes. The least expensive tuitions at bell mar school for 11,000. Another option is Canella School at 13,510. Some private schools offer students that reduce tuition; Paul Mitchell cosmetology school, empire and Tricia. The economic option would be Tricia school. Stay away from private for profit schools like marinello schools that offer degrees in cosmetology.


Q&A with Paulina Contreras, Cosmetologist


  1. Can you tell me about your background and how you got into this field?


Personally, I have always loved makeup one of my close friends started teaching me and later I perused a career to become a better cosmetologist.


  1. What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your field?


Number one is to work hard and be creative. When you first start this career, it will not always be perfect it takes time and practice. Once you get into school focus because you learn many new things! You can be very successful but it takes time and practice.


  1. How much job security is there for people in your field?


It all depends how serious you take this career. Some people take this as a hobby others as their lifetime career. Overall, it has good security.


  1. What other jobs can you do with the skills you have gained in this field?


There are plenty of jobs in this career. You can either just focus on makeup, cutting hair, hairstyles, nails etc… It all varies some people choose to focus on everything.


  1. What do you think the future holds for people in your future?


As I said before it all depends if you choose this as a career or hobby but if you plan in taking it serious you need to be clear of what you want to achieve.


  1. What are your biggest challenges in your field?


my biggest challenge would be to wanting to learn more and more like I said it’s not all about makeup its more to that in this career.


  1. Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?


The opportunities in this career would to make your own business for yourself. To make your name known they are so many opportunities but in my personal opinion, those are the most important or start advertising yourself little by little.


  1. What are your long term and short-term goals for this job?


My long-term goal is to eventually open up my own place, stop working at a salon, and especially finish school. I do not necessarily have a short time goal because it is difficult career.


  1. Tell me about your field what is the different from other occupations in your field?


My field is different because imp only doing makeup not nails or hair. Makeup is my number one priority; if I finish school, I will have more experience with other things that will give me more job opportunities.


  1. How long do you intend to be in that field


I hope that I can do more than 4 years of schools it just takes time and more learning and dedications because as years go by more things are becoming new.

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