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Few field trips for majority of MEHS

Cynthia Sanchez, Reporter

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In a survey done 53 out of 100 Morton East students said they haven’t attended to a field trip during 2016- 2018.

In order for a school to go to a field trip the principle or administrative has to agree on it , then they have to find out how many school busses they will be needing and have students fill field trip forms. Teachers also have to take some risks when planning a field trip. For example, when going to a field trip they have to make sure the students they decide to come with are safe , they are respectful , they don’t damage property , or get lost. A lot of teachers rather avoid field trips and teach there subject a different way.

A lot of students would like to go to a field trip with the intention of learning and not just to have fun.

“I would like to attend to Science and Industry because most of my classes are science related; you don’t always go with the thought of it’s going to be fun but with the thought that your actually getting something good from it,” senior Brian Torres said.

Students are thankful for teachers commitment when going to a field trip; they realize the risk they are taking.

“I think they feel kinda worried because they are responsible for the safety of every student that comes along,” sophomore Julian Hernandez said.

A lot of students strongly believe they learn better when they are faced with hands on experiences such as field trips.

“Field trips are needed to show that there is more to just learning in class — to visualize what is being taught,” junior Sebastian Murrillo said.

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One Response to “Few field trips for majority of MEHS”

  1. Pneumotool on April 16th, 2018 5:50 pm

    Some Doctor Class guy told me that his awards and whatever from the medical community, meant they knew all kinds of stuff about nutrition and health. Even though the guy in question apparently was a general practitioner of medicine that writes prescriptions, not a physical therapist specialist. Even in the medicine field, there are specialists and generalists, and many people speak out of turn and out of their field, assuming regular people like me are too dumb to get it. They actually thought this was a convincing argument doesn”t work against me. A specialist spends so much time on his “specialty that he is more ignorant about another field in the same subject matter even compared against a college student. A college student at least has a chance that they won”t assume they “know things due to their societal awards and credentials. It takes at least 100 hours of in depth study of a specialty, before one can even begin to talk about it with any kind of wisdom or accuracy. The specialists in say neuroscience, are not even generalists on physical therapy. That”s not how their system works. Polymaths like me that routinely spend 100-1000 hours studying multiple fields and specialties, are not in the same problem as Ph.D. specialists.

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Few field trips for majority of MEHS