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Most Morton pets don’t come from shelters

Brittany Rivera and Karina Torres

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Most Morton East students have pets; unfortunately, very few of these pets were adopted from shelters.  

In a random survey 0f 100 students in Morton East high school, 82 students have pets. Only 2 students have adopted an animal from a shelter and the rest have gotten their pets from an individual or a store. Approximately 3.2 million animals are adopted from shelters each year.   

“I believe adopting a pet is a beautiful thing because every pet deserves to be loved and have a good place to live in. If you have the chance to adopt a pet, you should really take the opportunity. I think buying from an individual and adopting a pet is kind of the same because you’re still willing to give the pet a home to live in, but the pets at the animal shelter are the ones who really need to find a home,” senior Jenny Medina said.  

Many people say that adopting a pet from a shelter is better than getting it from an individual. Even though people believe adopting an animal from a shelter is a better idea, very few have gotten their pets by adoption. 

“(adopting a pet and buying it from an individual isn’t the same thing) Animals at shelters don’t have a good home, and animals from a store or a person have a better home,” dean Joanne Rzadzke said.  

Many people believe adopting a pet is better than buying one from a store or an individual. A reason why people believe this is because you will save these animals from being euthanized. 56% of dogs and 71% of cats are euthanized after entering a shelter and adopting them can save their life. There are other reasons as to why adopting is better, and another reason is because it is cheaper than buying them from a store or an individual.  

“(Adopting a dog from a) shelter is way cheaper than buying (them) from a store or a person who sells them,” junior Rebecca Parra said.  


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2 Responses to “Most Morton pets don’t come from shelters”

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  2. Izaithell Aguirre on May 7th, 2018 9:50 am

    Animals are amazing and should be adopted if possible. Although my cat was given to me by my sister i will gladly adopt another cat or dog when i get the opportunity. Adopting an animal is a great thing to do. Give these kittens and puppies a home. They need some love too.

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Most Morton pets don’t come from shelters