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California fires spark sympathies at East campus

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Do you know anybody that has been in a natural disaster? Do you help out by donating? 

Many people do know someone who has been through a natural disaster, but not many donate for those who want to see relief .

On December 12, one of the latest natural disasters was the wild fire that has happened in California. The fire struck with strong winds of 15 to 25 MPH causing a regional catastrophe. According to CNN, the wild fire was larger than New York and it was named the Thomas Fire. It is one of the 6 major wild fires in California. The fire has been reported to destroy more than 1,000 structures. There were about 95,000 residents that had to be evacuated immediately. Many people who were in the area are experiencing health issues even those who had never been sick are having trouble breathing due to the heavy ashes. What caused the fire was the lack of rain making the forest really dry. 

In a survey of 26 students, 10 said they know someone who has been through a natural disaster and 16  said no. But only four students said they donated money.

“I feel really bad for those who have to go through that, and it is sad to hear those who have lost so many things on something they can’t prevent from happening.  It’s inevitable, but we could all pitch in to help out for those who need to see relief,” sophomore Jesse Islas said 

“It’s unbelievable how every day your enjoying your life and all of a sudden you take a step back and everything you have is gone,” Junior Hector Gutierrez said 

“It’s crazy how life is unfair for many people; no matter what you do all of a sudden everything falls down” senior Helder Gomez said 

“Wild fires are most common to happen around this time of year due to the weather happening around the atmosphere,” senior Elajah Ramirez said. 

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California fires spark sympathies at East campus