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Many households have guns; safety questions posed

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 Having guns in a household can be a safety hazard.  

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 In a random survey of 100 students at Morton East High School sophomoresjuniors, and seniors, 67 have guns in their households.

America is the number one country that has lethal- caused deaths or extremely harmful violence due to guns.  A poll done by the   https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/il/cicero/crime says that Cicero is safer than 31cities in the U.S. At a certain point in Cicero on March 1982, Mayor Jane Byrne pushed a ban that managed handguns possessions only to the Chicago Police. Although in 2010, the Supreme Court struck the ban down in a 5-4 vote. Due to that fact those people with guns in their home are at greater risk then those without guns in their household

“I feel safer in school than in my own neighborhood,” journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.   

Celeste Barba had a comment like Frankfother about how she felt about her community. 

“I just don’t feel safe anymore,” senior Celeste Barba said. 

Frankfother also analyzed gun violence in the world.  

“It’s sad because it’s becoming an everyday thing, and this is the new normal,” English teacher Kent Frankfother said. 

Celeste mentioned how many lock downs Morton East has a year. 

“I believe we have like about 2 every year and they are planned,” Celeste Barba said. 

Frankfother talked about past experiences in Morton East just like Celeste. 

“We have lock downs twice a year, and in the past 20 years we have had only like two serious ones,” Journalism teacher Kent Frankfother said.

Senior Celeste had an opinion on owning a gun that had a similar reference to Kent Frankfother.

“I would not feel safe with a gun if anything nervous and scared,” Celeste Barba said.


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Many households have guns; safety questions posed