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Different cultures mean different holidays

Brenda Rodriguez, Isaema Escalera, and Sabrina Mercado

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Christmas isn’t for everyone. At Morton East we have 4 groups that don’t recognize or celebrate it.

Over 81 different cultures celebrate Christmas in different ways, names and on different days, they have their own unique tradition. 36 other cultures don’t celebrate Christmas at all for many reasons. For Muslims, who follows or practices Islam, Jewish, a person who celebrate Hanukkah on December 12, and Puerto Ricans who celebrate Dia de los Reyes on January 6. Additionally, Jehovah Witness followers do not Christmas. Most Jehovah Witness just do a dinner with the family

Christmas maybe celebrated for many days throughout the month. For example, Puerto Ricans celebrate Christmas on January 6 though the January 9. This is how Ramona Martinez celebrates Christmas with her family.

” Even though Christmas is on 25th Being able to celebrate Christmas on the 6th makes me happy, it brings me closer to my heritage and where I came from,” Ramona Martinez said.

Christmas is against the Muslim religion. But, senior Eyhab Atra does want to celebrate Christmas when he has his own family.

“I want to celebrate Christmas when I have my own family because I want my kids to be able enjoy a Christmas,” Eyhab Atra said.

Jewish people don’t celebrate Christmas; they celebrate Hanukkah from December 12 through the 20th for a whole week.

“I celebrate Hanukkah by lighting my menorah every night and saying a little prayer while lighting it. I also have some Jewish snacks and candy around the holiday. The best part of Hanukkah is spending time with the family; as a holiday tradition, we eat this especial dessert potato latkes (those are like pancakes and doughnuts) and they are my family tradition. I also “celebrate” Christmas for my son even though my son is also Jewish. He believes in Santa and I don’t want to destroy his childhood dreams since he is only 6 years old.  I put a Christmas tree just for him to be happy,” Adam Heisler said.

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Different cultures mean different holidays