Memories: Senior Year Was Full Of Sports

Memories: Senior Year Was Full Of Sports

Audelina Vargas

Our senior year was  all about sports because athletes were going to experience their last time playing on a High School field or court.

Lets Start With Football. Our football team ended the season with 0 wins and 9 losses. Even though our football team  wasn’t the best at getting wins, we still went out and supported them. Many days it was raining and cold but still many of us went out to  support them. Even though they lost all of their games they still put it work.  The team worked hard  in all  of their practices and workouts and they never gave up.  The seniors are really going  to miss going to the football games were everyone is just having fun.











Now lets go with soccer.  Our boys  Soccer team kept winning and winning back to back. Their season record was 23  wins and 4  loses. Many people also loved going to the boys  soccer team. They had a lot  of support. The soccer team gave Morton a lot of recognition by going down state. Unfortunately  the boys lost in the state finals which made  them place 2nd place in state. Going down state to support a team was basically a once and a lifetime  opportunity because it was really fun. Even though it was really cold that day it was still worth  it. Morton really closed  down the I-290 and had police escort to the game with 65 fan buses. These memories will  forever be missed.










Finally our Boys Basketball team: It was an exciting season for the  boys basketball team. Them really pushing and working  hard really paid off. Their games  always entertained anyone who was watching them. Morton fans always fount a way to make it to to all of their games no matter if  it was snowing hard, raining, really cold, or the games being home or away. The Morton Boys ended up their season with  20 wins and 7 loses. The boys also won  regional, that Morton  actually got to host this year. All of the senior  are going  to miss wanting to go the the basketballs game, eating from the concession stand and saying the famous phrase in Morton Basketball when they call a timeout. Which is “There’s a timeout” “Where?” “On  the court” “Oh”.














Through all of the happy sport memories, many seniors couldn’t even get to experience their last season of ever playing high school sport ever again because of the Corona Virus. This virus really messed up everyone  plans because  it made everything get cancelled. Anyways, Seniors are going  to miss going to all of the Morton games  because many of their games were fun to watch and play. Being this our last year and i know it didn’t go as  planned, we will never  forget ” ONCE A  MUSTANG, ALWAYS A MUSTANG”. Class of 2020.