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East’s Oscar Miranda signs letter of intent

Jeff Czech, Reporter

February 8, 2018

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East senior Oscar Miranda (center) signed his letter of intent with Trinity International University (in Deerfield) recently, February 7.  Oscar received a scholarship to play football beginning 2018 fall semester.  Oscar was a...

Morton’s dispute between two rivaled footballers is over: Ronaldinho wins

Miguel Camarillo and Rosendo Guzman

December 20, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Sports

In a survey of 100 East's students, 63% said that Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira is the best, and Christiano Ronaldo is inferior. There have always been arguments over who is the best in their respected sports and soccer is no diff...

Thieving UCLA players should be punished, students say

Diego Rodriguez, Anthony Lopez, and Angel Moreno

December 20, 2017

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Morton students dish out hard punishment: they believe the three UCLA Players should lose their chances on playing for the team. In a survey of 100 Morton East High Schools students, 69 of them believe that Liangelo Ball...

Should Ivy league schools play football?

Sebastian Organsita, Reporter

December 19, 2017

Filed under Sports

Students at Morton East/West High School believe Ivy league universities should continue playing football despite the high chances of potential brain damage.   Harvard and Yale's big football rivalry matchup will be taking place this Saturday, Nov 18,2017. These two prestige universities are among the highest m...

Morton athletes show acceptance

Jazlin Sanchez, reporter

December 18, 2017

Filed under Sports, Student Life

Many students at Morton East have shown their level of acceptance and understanding to other students' sexuality. In a survey conducted at Morton East High School out of 100 students, 89% stated that they know gay athletes. Northwestern soccer player Ro...

Majority of students like PE activities

Jasmin Uribe, Vanessa Figueroa, and Angeles Camberos

December 11, 2017

Filed under Sports

  Morton East students play volleyball during their Physical Education class. Taking a random survey of 57 students in one PE class, 37 students (65 %} of the students said "YES" to "Do you enjoy the gym activities?" 20 ...

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