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MEHS students divided on e-cigs

Richard Herrera and Fabian Navarro

November 10, 2014

Filed under Opinion, Showcase, Student Life

Morton East students have divided opinions on the health and hazards of electronic cigarettes. Most e- cigs consist of three different components, including; a cartage, which holds a liquid solution containing varying amounts...

Horror movies: Old school Vs. New school

Alexandra Ocampo and Guadalupe de la Rosa

November 7, 2014

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Opinion

As far as Morton East high school students feel, the old school horror movies are better than the new ones. In a random survey of 100 Morton East students, 52% said that old horror movies are better. The other 45% said the...

MEHS students have spirited opinions on school spirit week

Jocelyne Ayala, Joselyn Santoyo, and Zoe Hayes

January 13, 2014

Filed under Opinion, Student Life

Many Morton East students aren’t pleased with the current spirit week, they think its should be changed to add more school spirit. In a random survey of 96 Morton East students, 52 said they would like to have the old spirit...

Graffiti: Art or vandalism?

Victoria Troncoso Mandujano and Sergio Torres

January 13, 2014

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Opinion

Graffiti writing on walls, some people would refer to it as vandalism. In a survey of 57 people we asked if they thought of graffiti as art or vandalism. 50 of them answered “art”. Graffiti has been derived from many generations...

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