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Websites guaranteed to give you an online scare

Jacqueline Olvera, Reporter

October 29, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Halloween Special

So, want to get scared on the web?  Here are three terrifying sites to check out. For example there is http://planecrashinfo.com/ website; where people can find information on planes that have crashed and listen to pilots last words before impact....

Chicago Wolves battle the Cleveland Monsters

Victor Munoz, reporter

October 29, 2018

Filed under Halloween Special, Sports

It was definitely a game for Halloween -- the Wolves against the Monsters! On October 24, marketing classes from Morton East and West had the opportunity to go see two rival teams play against each other in a hockey game. Th...

A trio of serial killers: Gacy is most infamous

Juan Avilla, Jazmine Jimenez, and Humberto Tapia

October 29, 2018

Filed under Community, Halloween Special

Between 1972 and 1978 serial killer John Wayne Gacy (the killer clown) murdered 33 people in awful and gruesome ways in the Cook County area -- the most in recorded history.   He's also one of the most infamous murderers among students at Morton East -- if not the most disturbing.  John Wayn...

At East, majority purchase costumes — over buying

Jesus Carrillo and Kevin Dominguez

October 29, 2018

Filed under Fashion, Halloween Special, Student Life

Out of a random survey that was conducted at Morton East High School, 83 of the 120 students said that they buy their Halloween costume instead of making it. This shows that more people tend to buy their costumes. Hallowe...

Scariest books at Morton East get checked out

Francisco Vargas, reporter

October 28, 2018

Filed under Arts and Entertainment, Halloween Special, Student Life

This Halloween, Morton East library has 350 horror books. A popular series at the library is the Walking Dead series.  If you like to read -- and like horror,  consider these top five young adult (YA) scary books this Hallow...

MEHS history teachers select scariest events in history

Paola Gonzalez, Angel Gonzalez, Bryan Benitez, and Lia Figueroa

October 28, 2018

Filed under Halloween Special, News

Morton East history teachers recently determined what the scariest event in history were.  With Halloween around the corner, people try to get into the Halloween spirit by buying scary decorations, watching scary movies, but...

Who still trick-or-treats?

Alexia Hernandez

October 28, 2018

Filed under Halloween Special, Student Life

Throughout the years, trick-or-treating has been waning and returning based on the specific audience that it pertains to each year.   Trick-or-treating goes all the way back to the 16th century in Britain and Ireland. The Halloween tradition originally was a...

History: scarier than Halloween?

Jasmine Bonilla, reporter

October 28, 2018

Filed under Halloween Special, News

Have you ever stopped to think about the scariest events that have happened throughout history? There are many events that are scary such as the Salem witch trials in which people were accused of witchcraft and then executed....

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