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Career Profile- So you want to be a Graphic Designer.

Jeffrey Czech

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So you want to be a Graphic Designer. A Graphic Designer is required to manage time and due dates. Daily tasks require either finishing or starting a new project and opening up new ideas to be creative. I recommend contacting Guillermo at Eatcleanchicago.com for more questions on what it takes to be a Graphic Designer.

WHO CAN DO THIS? Anyone can be able to be a Graphic Designer. I will require creativity, computer skills, and being able to finish things on due dates.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE? To be a graphic designer it will take a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and also a Graphic Design certificate.

WHERE CAN YOU GET IT? Many Universities and colleges even some community colleges offer Graphic Arts or Graphic Design classes.

WHEN CAN YOU DO IT? It requires a Bachelors Degree which is 4 years.

WHY SHOULD YOU DO IT? Its a nice and relaxing do at home job. It allows you to think outside the box and lets you be creative at all times.

HOW MUCH WILL IT TAKE? The starting entry level a Graphic Designer makes is around $40,034. The average salary for Graphic Designers is around $47.690.

Q & A  “So Guillermo, what made you become a graphic designer?” 

“Well i’ve always loved computers. I was first introduced by it from a Youtube video & ever since i fell in love,” Guillermo said.

Where did you go to school for Graphic Design?’

“I got my associates first at Morton college, then i went to Depaul university for graphic design and my bachelors degree,” Guillermo said.

What would you say is the challange about Graphic Design.

“Personally i think due dates are the most challenging. they really come up fast on you if you slack off,” Guillermo said.

What would you tell someone who wants to be a Graphic Designer?

“i would say to go for it, its a really fun job, Many fun opportunities and you get to be creative,” Guillermo said.



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Career Profile- So you want to be a Graphic Designer.