Career profile: Orthodontist

Edwin Sanchez, Reporter

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So you want to be an Orthodontist? If so you would need to have patience because this job have very sensitive work.

For college you would have to first study dentistry and get a masters degree for 4 years and if you live in Illinois you can go to UIC (University of Illinois in Chicago). After you take your classes you then would need to take training in Orthodontics. This can take another 2 to 4 years. they would teach you skills that you need to perform and it does take this long because you are dealing with sensitive work.

There are many befits to this job. In this job many orthodontist are self employed and all them are happy with the business they have created. They do get really good pay, on average they get paid about $300,000 a year. There are also meaningful benefits to this job. You get to see new people everyday and the majority of the time they are excited to make a change for themselves and they are happy to help. For many patients this is a life changer because they get to fix problems with their teeth and jaws that they cant fix themselves. For Orthodontist this makes them happy to see how mush of a change they did for the patients. There are also some cons to this job as well. Once you do get the job you are always working. Once you leave the office you don`t leave your work, reason being is because when someone has an emergency they would call you and you have no choice but to return to the clinic and work on whatever problem they have. Another con is that you have to have perfect work every time, you cant mess up because you are working with peoples mouth and you don`t want them to experience pain for months just because you did something wrong. If this were to happen it would make your clinic look bad and this could have a bad impact on you.

Some skills you would need or gain is very important to obtain this job. You need to have very steady hands, they need to be nimble and be patient cause the tools your working with are small and the teeth are also small. If you are going to be working with children then you have to have control over them for a while because some might want to fight back because they don`t know whats going on, but like always you would have an assistance by your side for every patient because your unlikely to handle everything by your self.

I got to interview Dr. Spector and wanted to ask about his job

Q:  What is your schedule like? 

A: It is often busy because there so many people who need to see me, and the type of work I do is very delicate, so I do need to take my time for every patient. But on average I work with a patient for 7 minutes 

Q: What made you want to become an Orthodontist? 

A: I had always wanted to become a dentist since I was a kid and as a teen I still wanted to be a dentist so when I completed my master’s degree I decided to take it further, so I went to go train in Orthodontics for 4 years and so far, I like it 

Q:  From what I’ve researched is that it’s a very competitive field to get a job, is it true? 

A: to get a job as an orthodontist is difficult because there is very little openings and they are many people who are orthodontist, so I suggest do the best in class and in training because it would make it easier for them to choose who is more qualified to get the job. But still its hard to find a job. 

Q: Are you self-employed? 

A: No, I work for Millennium Park Orthodontics, they are the ones who hired me. 

Q: What are the benefits in being an orthodontist? 

A: I just enjoy being a part of a change for many people young and old. I like the patients too because everyone I have worked with are happy to see me, so I never have a problem with any patient and I don’t think I ever will. Also, a plus for me is that I don’t have to deal with blood, (Most of the time) 

Q: Is there anything you don’t like about your job? 

A: it could be stressful at first but when it becomes your daily routine you just get used to it. I get a lot of questions about any emergencies and what would happen, but it never happened I never got a patient who needed an emergency checkup  

Q: Is there any advice for those who want to be an Orthodontist? 

A: have a good career plan and make a savings account because you must pay for everything and for me, I had a difficult time trying to pay that off, so just because you would make a lot of money just keep in mind about your future. 


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