MEHS student majority chooses scary costume, over sexy

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Do Morton east prefer to dress up in a sexy costume or scary costumes? 


In a random survey of 114 Morton East students, 72 students reported that they prefer a scary costume and 42 reported that they prefer a sexy costume.

Every year for Halloween, about 180 million Americans partake in Halloween festivities resulting in 9 billion dollars being spent on decorations, candy, and costumes. This holiday is the second most celebrated in the U.S and is most known for dressing up. Normally you would expect to see people dress up in scary costume but instead, most people now take this as an opportunity to dress up in a sexy costume.  

“I feel like sexy costumes should be reserved for grownup parties and scary costumes should be for the Halloween spirit,” student Mariela Duran.  

Now it’s common in Halloween culture to sexualize multiple costumes regardless of gender. Resulting in people questioning the “purpose” in dressing up.  Some people see it as something bad and inappropriate while others see it as the one night to can be whoever they want.  

“People see Halloween as an opportunity to dress how they want without being judged,” student Cristina Lopez. 

The biggest concern when it comes to costumes is the age. As we progress with culture it’s becoming more common for young girls in the ages between 15-18 to dress up in these sexy costumes instead of just dressing up in a fun or scary way. 

“Students dressing up for Halloween is supposed to be something fun and it’s a way for them to show they’re creative side but then when I see students dress up in inappropriate ways like showing too much skin or different pieces of clothing too small, it just defeats the while purpose of dressing up,” director of band Mr. Toms  

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