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Have a Lolla Fun at Lollapalooza

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In a survey of 100 Morton East students 73 have not gone or plan to go to Lollapalooza and 27 are planning to go this year.

With the annual Lollapalooza festival coming up this summer there is a big and diverse audience expected. Attendance in 2016 was 400 thousand. 2016 was also the year the concert was extended to 4 days instead of the regular 3 day weekend. The concert this year will play from August 2 to August 5 in Grant Park, IL.

When asked what the experience was like this is what some people had to say.

“I saw people selling counterfeit passes, but the police rolled up and arrested them eventually; there were also people jumping the fences to get in,” said school security, Ebony.

“It’s good and bad — although last year there were a lot of drunk and wasted people,” said journalism teacher Mr. Frankfother.

Knowing a good time to get there might be an issue but as you know the early bird gets the worm.

“The best time to get there is in the morning because of the amount of the people who go to the event every day,” said Mr. Frankfother.

Lollapalooza is great even for the right people just remember to be safe, get there early, and have fun.

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Have a Lolla Fun at Lollapalooza