Chicago’s biggest event: Lollapalooza

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At least a quarter of Morton East students are interested in  Lollapalooza.

Students at Morton East where asked if they were attending this year’s Lollapalooza or have attended in the previous years, 26% out of a 100 said to have attended previous years, 32% out of a 100 plan on attending this year, and 42% out of a 100 have no interest in the event.

Summer is approaching and Downtown Chicago will be hosting grand events that will have many wanting to go.  One of the most popular events that has taken place every year happens to be Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza is a four day annual music festival event featuring different types of genre music and other entertainment which usually attracts youth. The popular annual event takes months in advance for preparation regarding security, live attractions, performers, food, and much more. Lollapalooza is a one day sold out event that many look forward to, do to security reasons from the previous year, the 2018 summer event may be affected.

“Lollapalooza was such a memorable and fun experience; you meet so many friendly people and there’s so many things you can do and eat,” sophomore Nazareth Perez said.

Most may think it’s a fun experience but others doubt due to security reasons.

“I don’t think Lollapalooza is not safe, i hear that there is always commotion going on and they never know who can have a dangerous weapon like the man that committed a mass shooting in Las Vegas had rented out a room not that far from the festival,” senior Karen Sanchez stated.

Although many  may not agree on the safety of the event, others find positive things about it.

“Safety wise it’s kind of easy to get lost, but if you have your phone and a group of people with you you’ll be fine; the food is somewhat expensive but it’s worth eating, overall it’s a great experience,” senior Aaron Acosta said.

Lollapalooza is the event to be at this summer.

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