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Spanish Christmas music brings harmony

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In a random survey of 100 Morton East students 68% percent said they have listened  to all of  these songs: “Mi burrito sabanero , Campana sobre campana, Noche de paz.”

According to fluentu “Feliz Navidad” is a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head on repeat “faster than the song played on the Small World ride at Disney theme parks.”In Mexico, children must remain steadfast and patient, as they don’t get to open the bulk of their presents until January 6, a day known as Epiphany, or El Día de los Reyes. Leading up until that day, Mexican families host parties called Posadas, which are performances that demonstrate the story of Christmas in stages.

Out of 100 students 16 of them have said that they’ve never heard of the popular songs that were being surveyed.

“ Christmas is a beautiful  holiday, Brings family families together. Spanish music makes Mexican families feel closer to home,” Morton East senior Saul Solis said.

Saul is not the only one that loves listening to those songs and spending time with the families.

“Christmas music is the bomb; I (expletive) love Christmas. It’s a beautiful holiday i enjoy and like i said, Love. The music makes you more hyped about Christmas . Spending time with your loved ones and giving presents is hella dope. The songs makes you feel the Christmas spirit more. I like Christmas music but more the holiday,” Morton East senior  Jovanni Alejandre said.

Although Jovanni feels very passionate about Christmas others don’t have the same perspective about Christmas.  

“There decent and they make me feel the spirit of holiday,” Morton East Junior Eric Plasencia said.

Some people love Christmas but others not that much.

“It is very good since it brings a holiday spirit and follows traditions,” Morton East senior Israel Sanchez said

Israel Sanchez is not the only senior with the same beliefs on Spanish music.

“Spanish Christmas songs are really popular in the U.S because there are a lot latinos in this country that celebrate that holiday,” senior Jaquelin Duran said.

People not only listen Christmas music in their houses they also listen to them in store and in the radio like Sebastian.

“When I hear Christmas music start playing on the radio or stores near me I just get the holiday spirit and makes me remember of all the Christmas memories,”Morton East senior Sebastian Guzman said.

Mostly all of the songs makes the Christmas spirit really awesome.

“I feel like it’s very inspirational and Good because we all need that Holiday spirit and feel much better of ourselves hearing Christmas music,” Morton East senior Jason Vasquez

Although many love Christmas songs Alexis doesn’t.

“I guess is okay but I don’t really hear it if I’m going to be honest all Christmas songs are annoying as (expletive),” senior Alexis Gonzalez

Another student’s opinion differs from that of Alexis Gonzalez.

“Spanish Christmas music is joyful, I listen to it all the time during the holiday season. It’s a nice way to remember our annual traditions and it expresses our love for families representing happiness and love,” Morton East sophomore Yaritzel Villanueva said.

Then there’s the students that don’t care they enjoy our annual traditions and our heritage music.

“I don’t mind it because it gets me into the Christmas spirit & it’s a tradition to hear it during this time a year,” senior Hugo Vergara said.

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Spanish Christmas music brings harmony