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East picks top 5 holiday movies

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Home Alone tops our favorite holiday movie list.

Holiday movies are a staple to Christmas traditions throughout the years/decades.  So what’s your favorite?    70 Morton East students voted on their favoite holiday movie.  (Although there were other movies named we selected those who were repeated more than 5 times, and we ended up with 5.) In first place came Home Alone with 18 votes. This movie was first released in 1990, almost 3 decades old, being a classic Christmas comedy. In second place came The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with 17 votes. This movie originated from an animated film, which then was turned into a real-lifelike movie, released in the late 2000’s. In third place came Polar Express with 15 votes. This movie was released in 2004, being over a decade old, but still a classic movie. In fourth place came Elf with 11 votes. It was released in 2003, since then making it a classic Christmas comedy. Finally in last place came The Nightmare before Christmas with 9 votes. This film was released in 1993 and leans a little towards Halloween, it still stuck with the Christmas themed movies for almost 3 decades.

Some holiday movies are combined with terror and happiness and joy.

“My favorite holiday movie is The Nightmare before Christmas because it has two holidays in it Halloween and Christmas in one and they are my favorite holidays,” Senior Crystal Diaz said.

Some holiday movies remind us of our childhood when we use to wait for Santa Clause.

“My favorite holiday movie is the Polar Express because it reminds me when I was a kid and I use to wait for Santa to give me presents,” senior Brenda Rodriguez said.

Some holiday movies remind people of the adventures that they use to do.

“The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Grinch that Stole Christmas those two are my top two favorites, when I was younger I use to love exploring because it would remind me of Jack who would wonder through different doors and I really like the Grinch because I would burp and I had my dog Casey I would put the nose and the ears on,” senior Gabriela Varela said.

Besides enjoying Christmas movies during the Holidays, there’s also traditions made by families to enjoy Christmas.

“We pray the 24th for the birth of Jesus, part if the ceremony is we take out porcelain baby Jesus that has been blessed by the church and pray around it, we also open our presents until the Day of the 3 wise men,” senior Janet Lopez said.

While Christmas being a joyous holiday, it brings happiness not only to family but to traditional dishes as well.

“We usually watch movies and after we usually cook goat and spices and make ponche; traditional drink in fruit punch, with boiled water and many different fruits, and rice and beans, though for New Year’s it’s a whole different thing,” senior Shulamith Rodriguez said.

Christmas movies bring out the best in us, if we are feeling down they up lift your spirits.

“My favorite movie is Elf because it is funny and it is entertaining and I enjoy watching it because it lifts up my spirit,” senior Priscila Chavez said.

“My favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express because it is about believing in yourself and the Christmas spirit,” senior Daisy Modesto.

There are many Christmas traditions that comes from Christmas movies that bring families together.

“For Christmas every year we go to my aunt’s house and we have different traditions. Like last year we all wore pajamas, this year is ugly Christmas sweaters. But we always have one main tradition which is eating Chinese food. We also watch the Christmas story on replay every year. It’s my aunt’s favorite movie and that is actually where we got the idea of eating Chinese food for Christmas,” senior Jenna Santiago said.

Some families don’t really have Christmas traditions, they just go with the flow of the Christmas spirit.

“Hmmmm. We used to build ginger bread houses not anymore XD. What we do for Christmas is nothing really. I can’t help you we just go on and open one present on Christmas Eve and then open the rest on Christmas day,” junior Angelica Vazquez said.

Though it’s not all about movies and food it is about coming together as a family, full of the Christmas spirit.

“Well we sometimes build gingerbread houses and watch holiday movies. My favorite holiday movie is the Polar Express,” sophomore Janeth Terrones said.





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  1. Kent Frankfother on January 8th, 2018 1:28 pm

    How about “Silent Night, Deadly Night?” That’s the one where a homocidal Santa goes on a killing spree? I love horror movies.

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East picks top 5 holiday movies