Video Club offers wonderful film experience and service to school

Braulio Vargas, reporter

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  • Braulio Vargas
      Video club is an after school club at Morton East High School that allows students to have the opportunity to film school events or for the community. Some events, like football games, require a commitment of five or more hours.  Students who join this club get to experience filming events for the school such as sport games, assemblies,  and celebrations. Video club meetings are always held at room 280A second floor.  During the meetings, members discuss filming future events.   Mr. Walski hosts and advises the club; he teaches the production of filming,  such as storyboarding, shooting scenes, and post production. Members who attend school events to film use a camera called vixia hf r500 and also use a tripod — a three legged stand used to  support the camera.  Members of this club always treat each other and their subjects with respect and decency.
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