So, we have a thing for Freddy

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So, Freddy Krueger — or, the NIGHTMARE on Elm Street — is our favorite fictional serial killer at Morton East.

©New Line Cinema/Courtesy Everett Collection
Freddy Krueger is certainly a nightmare, but students are also drawn to his sarcastic personality.

Out of 100 students we surveyed 17% thought IT (the first serial CLOWN)  was scary; 17% thought Leatherface was scary; 21% thought Jigsaw was scary; 22% thought Michael Myers was scary; and 23% thought Freddy Krueger was scary.   Krueger is known as the “Springwood slasher” — who terrorizes the teens on Elm Street.  Suspected of child molestation, Freddy is burned alive by the parents of Springwood.  To unleash his revenge, Freddy returns to the dreams of teens — and if you die in your dream, well, you die in real life.  Characterized by a warped sense of humor and gloves with razors for fingers, Freddy has been around since 1984.

Krueger stands out more than the other serial killers because he is different.

“For me my favorite fictional serial killer has to be Freddy Krueger, reason why is because every other serial killer does the same, but this man goes into your dreams and attacks you there,” Morton East senior John Bravo said.

And, of course, what’s scarier than a clown with a sick appetite?

“IT is the scariest because he would appear unexpectedly from drains or in the forest…and, or course, he’s a CLOWN!” Morton East senior Alondra Garcia said.




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