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Few field trips for majority of MEHS

Cynthia Sanchez, Reporter

April 16, 2018

In a survey done 53 out of 100 Morton East students said they haven’t attended to a field trip during 2016- 2018. In order for a school to go to a field trip the principle or administrative has to agree on it , then they...

Building a better Morton

Sebastian Munoz and Sebastian Organista

April 10, 2018

Making Morton a better place may take years to happen, but renovations will begin this summer, and probably happen for the next five years. The medium cost for renovating high schools can cost up to $45 million. Some benefits ...

College is coming; will you dorm or commute?

Barbara Beltran and Vanessa Bustamante

April 10, 2018

     Most graduating Morton East seniors are looking for that “full college experience” after high school; however, the biggest deciding factor for whether or not these future college freshmen will be ‘commuters’ or ‘d...

Morton’s newest sports addition: girls’ rugby

Crystal Arteaga, Graciela Hernandez, Jennifer Rodriguez, and Britney Zamora

April 10, 2018

After 124 years, J. Sterling Morton East High School decides to add a girls rugby team. Morton East isn’t the first school to get a rugby team; Summit High School girls rugby has been competing against other schools and p...

How many East students text and drive?

Jasmin Uribe, Vanessa Figueroa, Angeles Camberos, and Juan Ortega

April 10, 2018

  A Lot of people get into accidents due to texting and driving.  Drivers assume they can handle driving and texting and remain safe, but the numbers don't lie. One out of every four car accidents in the United State...

Morton for greater gun restrictions

Carmorroa Siggers, Nohemi Ramirez, Marisel Carreno, and Xitaly Pardo

April 10, 2018

Morton East agrees there should be more gun restrictions. On Wednesday, March 14, Morton East students stood up for what they believed is right. They stood outside for 17 minutes, each minute representing all of the 17 lives...

Car versus trucks

Luis Gonzalez

April 10, 2018

Most guys at Morton East love cars -- over trucks. Some students would bring their cars to show off.  Also there are other students who love trucks. They would bring their trucks with big rims, looking like they are brand...

Teachers with guns? What’s the consensus?

Cynthia Heredia, Yesenia Garcia, Isabel De Avila, Isabel Arista, Cynthia Heredia, Yesenia Garcia, Isabel De Avila, and Isabel Arista

April 10, 2018

In a survey of 15 teachers at Morton East High School, only 2 of them agreed that the law of teachers carrying guns should be passed. Here's what some had to say. "Teachers who would like to carry a gun should volunteer...

What happens when you’re “OTS” and a teacher catches on?

Izaiah Contreras, Reporter

April 10, 2018

Legally the school can check vitals if a student is suspected of smoking marijuana. Roughly three students every week are caught high according to the Morton East dean’s office. With these rules constantly being broken some...

Automatic vs. manual — which car wins?

Edwin Sanchez, Eulalio Bustos, and Arik Gutierrez

April 10, 2018

What type of car do the students of Morton East prefer to drive, automatic or manual?   Majority rules on automatic.  (Maybe we're just lazy.) Both type of cars have advantages and disadvantages, but some people still debate...

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