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No sleep caused by nightmares

Yseli Tellez, Reporter

November 16, 2017

Restless night? It seems so. Students at Morton East High School have their fair share of nightmares. In a random survey of 100 sophomore, junior and senior Morton East students 16% say they often have nightmares, 49% say they...

Cicero teen killed, bystander of gang violence

Jose Castillo, Jose Guzman, Bladimir Caballero, and Kevin Quinonez

November 15, 2017

Irving Estrada was one victim to fall to gang violence. Irving Estrada just turned 17 years old on August 11. Irving was sadly taken away by senseless gang violence on September 22 at “16th” (what most of the kids that play basketba...

S.H.A.R.K club helps animals in need.

Crystal Mendez, Gisselle Barron, and Yuriela Covarrubios

November 15, 2017

  A survey conducted at Morton East High-school of a 100 students showed that only 37% of those students, knew about S.H.A.R.K club. Since there have been many natural disasters happening these last couple of months, animals are stru...

Does LAC serve a purpose?

Oscar Miranda and Jeffrey Czech

November 14, 2017

LAC (learning adjustment center) or in school suspension is pretty common in most high schools. Although thoughts are diverse when it comes down to in-school suspension. TIME magazine states “In school suspension may do more harm than good”. In Fairness, schools often struggle to find alternatives for kids...

Video Club offers wonderful film experience and service to school

Braulio Vargas, reporter

November 9, 2017

Braulio Vargas Video club is an after school club at Morton East High School that allows students to have the opportunity to film school events or for the community. Some events, like football games, require a commitment of five or more hours.  Students who join this club...

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